Kevin Durant explains blunt, dismissive take on Yankees’ Aaron Judge signing


Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets have too much to focus on in their own building right now to have a well-measured take on what’s happening with the YES Network buddies in the Bronx.

At least, that’s what it seemed like this week when the media pressured KD into commenting on Aaron Judge’s return to the Yankees in Wednesday night’s postgame press conference, after the Nets finished holding off the Charlotte Hornets.

Durant, who dropped 29 in a defense-free, six-point win, had no patience for a request to welcome Judge back to the city, leaving an intrepid reporter, once seeking a fluff piece, to regroup on the fly.

After scrunching his nose while being asked about Judge’s contract, Durant let a slight smile slip over his face as he stated, “I’m a Nationals fan. I really don’t care about Aaron Judge at all.”

Upon a 1:00 AM rewatch, though, Durant decided to backtrack a bit, realizing how harshly he came off. Hey, losing Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, Max Scherzer and Anthony Rendon will do that to a person.

Kevin Durant is sorry to Aaron Judge and the Yankees

Hearing about Judge’s request to remain a Yankee for life being taken care of might’ve hurt Durant personally, too.

After all, we’re only a few months removed from Durant requesting a trade out of Brooklyn, a wish that went unfulfilled due in large part to the Rudy Gobert swap, which altered the market. Also … KD just extended here. It would’ve been like Judge pulling a Bryan Reynolds after the 2023 season.

Judge will likely outlast Durant in the Big Apple either way, and it can’t have felt good to see Harrison Bader and Nestor Cortes yukking it up … at the Knicks game Wednesday night instead of at the Barclays Center.

Judge will probably be courtside at the ‘Clays for another playoff series this postseason, though, at which point you’ve got to expect Durant to call a timeout mid-game, saunter over to No. 99 and bow. Only fair.