MLB insider has tough prediction for Yankees-Giancarlo Stanton relationship


Whether you love or hate Giancarlo Stanton, there’s now a legitimate argument to be had about that 2017 trade the New York Yankees made to import the reigning NL MVP, especially since general manager Brian Cashman could’ve just waited a year to secure Manny Machado or Bryce Harper. Better yet, he could’ve just signed one of them anyway alongside the Stanton trade!

Regardless, Stanton’s presence still would’ve been a bit problematic solely because he’s been unavailable more often than not. Across five years in the Bronx, the slugger has missed 260 out of 708 games, with his issues in 2019 and 2022 almost quite literally derailing the Yankees’ potential World Series runs.

He was an essential piece for the team’s 2019 ALCS battle against the Astros, and his absence killed the offense. In 2022, his nagging Achilles issue clearly impacted his play drastically in the second half, and he logged just six hits in nine playoff games. He hit two homers and drove in six runs against the Guardians, but then went 4-for-16 with one RBI against the Astros. He worked just two walks and logged four extra-base hits in total. It just wasn’t enough.

A player of his caliber should theoretically be much more imposing (and feared), but when Stanton is off, he’s off. Pitchers aren’t afraid to attack him. He’ll flail at sliders in the other batter’s box. And his injuries have limited him to the DH spot, which handcuffs the Yankees’ lineup in more ways than the average fan might realize.

So, as Yankees fans stare down the barrel of the remainder of Stanton’s contract, which has him tied down through 2027 at a $26 million AAV, MLB insider Joel Sherman (subscription required) feels as if he knows the slugger’s fate as we get closer to the end.

Joel Sherman predicts the Yankees will release Giancarlo Stanton in the coming years

Stanton’s tenure is NOWHERE NEAR the disasters of Jacoby Ellsbury and Alex Rodriguez (toward the end). He’s a stand-up guy who has never caused controversy and has far more memorable moments (killing the Red Sox, 2020 ALDS) than forgettable ones. Sure, it’s been tough to watch him strike out in high-leverage situations, but Stanton has largely performed exactly how we’d expect when healthy (with a little bit left to be desired).

There’s been a drop-off in production from Miami to New York, but that was to be expected. He had already peaked in 2017. Check out the comparison:

  • With Marlins – .268/.360/.554 with 576 runs scored, 267 HR, 672 RBI and 147 OPS+ in 986 games
  • With Yankees – .255/.340/.499 with 239 runs scored, 111 HR, 299 RBI and 129 OPS+ in 448 games

It’s good production! It’s just not as valuable offensively as Machado and Harper, both of whom can also play defense. It’s not good enough to be entrenched in the DH spot for another five years.

It’s not all his fault, either. The Yankees shouldn’t turn over and die if Stanton isn’t producing, which just so happens to be the problem. Cashman’s roster construction has required every single piece he’s put in place to be performing atop their game in order for the team to reach the World Series.

But, at the time of the acquisition, Stanton was a redundant offensive asset who had a lengthy injury history. He was by no means known for his defense (0.8 dWAR across eight years), either. During the second half of his prime, Stanton’s been unable to stay healthy, and it’s cost the Yankees money, as well as results on the field.

If it continues to trend in that direction as we approach 2027, the Yankees might only be able to stomach it costing them money, which makes Sherman’s prediction very believable.