Jose Trevino has perfect response to Yankees fans booing team’s struggles


The New York Yankees bowed out of the ALCS in four games this past fall, a rancid occasion marked by discontentment from the Bronx faithful. During the two home games against the Houston Astros, fans witnessed:

In response to this sequence of events, those fans booed. They booed often. They booed lustily. They were also a week removed from being held in the stadium in a downpour waiting for an ALDS Game 5 that never came, captive to the whims of the Yankees and MLB. They were frustrated. They were left unsatisfied. And the boos they rained down on their beloved team were so damaging, so scarring that free agent Anthony Rizzo … immediately returned, citing how much he loved being a Yankee.

Hmm. Interesting. That doesn’t fit with the media’s narrative. And neither do catcher Jose Trevino’s comments on Wednesday, citing the boos as an appropriate response to the team’s poor play, as well as something that he actually loves.

Yankees fans booing is music to Jose Trevino’s ears

OK, obviously, there’s a bit of hyperbole here. Nobody actually loves to hear these boos, mainly because it means that the team has failed.

But count Trevino among those who “get it”; like Derek Jeter said earlier this summer, they boo because they want to cheer. They boo because they’re so desperate to approve, and so let down when they don’t get the chance to.

Rarely do cascading boos lead directly to a good thing, and Yankee fans should be careful about when and where they unleash them, but it’s certainly possible Hal Steinbrenner may have reversed course and lasered in on the Aaron Judge pursuit because of how clear it was during Jeter’s ceremony that the fans were dissatisfied with his performance.

Either that, or raising the offer for Judge was such a no-brainer that no amount of fan hostility could’ve stood in the pursuit’s way.

True Yankees like Trevino know that the passionate Yankees fan base can’t be judged by a few bad apples and drunkards, and that sometimes, when the crowd boils over, it can be the kick in the pants that champions need to get back in gear.

Hopefully, one of these upcoming Octobers ends in adulation rather than dissatisfaction so Trevino can be embraced the way he really deserves.