Horrible Harrison Bader error leads to immediate Astros homer, Yankees disaster


The New York Yankees are woefully undermanned against the Houston Astros, and if they’re going to overcome a 2-0 series deficit, perfection is sadly demanded.

Thus far, through two innings of Game 3, the Yankees aren’t even close enough to perfection to see it through binoculars this series.

With two outs and the bottom of the order up, backup catcher Christian Vázquez followed Trey Mancini’s long flyout with an easy looper into right-center field. For no apparent reason, Harrison Bader and Aaron Judge ended up in the Yankees’ record-setting 286th outfield crash of the 2022 postseason.

The liner was drifting Judge’s way, and was in the right fielder’s dominion. Bader’s a great fielder in center. At a certain point, these professional athletes simply have to figure things like this out, instead of slamming into each other on countless bloops and loopers.

Judge crossed in front of Bader, Bader dropped the ball, and a seven-pitch second inning against Houston’s weakest hitters was given new life. Judge’s fault. Bader’s goof. Chas McCormick immediately homered. Chas McCormick!

Yankees Harrison Bader, Aaron Judge miscommunication leads to immediate Astros lead

The worst part? Gerrit Cole, known for struggling in the wake of errors behind him, both mental and physical, immediately pointed to Bader and Judge and confidently signaled, “I got you.”

He did not, in fact, get them.

Though Cole was victimized by the short porch (McCormick’s liner bounced up and over the wall), both teams have access to that fence, just as both teams were impacted by the wind in Game 3. As has been the case in every instance this series (season, decade), the Astros took advantage early and the Yankees did not.

Do not give this team an opening. Certainly do not give the bottom of the lineup an opening! Catch. One. Ball. Normally. Infuriating, as always, and might just usher in a long winter sooner than expected in the Bronx.