The Athletic’s free agency rankings disrespect Yankees’ Aaron Judge


Haha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHA. We are laughing! At this point, it actually is funny. It’s no longer offensive. It no longer feels like a slight. It’s a full-on act. The hate for the New York Yankees has never been at such a delusional height.

The Athletic’s Keith Law has historically been an opponent of the Bombers. He never likes their prospects. For example, after 2021, during which Anthony Volpe surged to become one of the best prospects in the sport, the Yankees’ farm system fell in his annual farm system rankings. Jasson Dominguez debuted that year. Ken Waldichuk took a massive leap. Heading into 2022, he had only three of their prospects ranked in the league’s top-100.

He’s not entirely wrong, either. The Yankees farm system has famously not been great over the last couple decades. But maybe throw them a bone when it’s finally appearing to turn the corner?

OK. OK. How about his free agent rankings with the offseason almost here? He’s gotta be high on Yankees MVP Aaron Judge, who might best Shohei Ohtani in the AL race? Right? … Right?

Nope, he even hates near-former Yankees! Judge was ranked fourth on his list behind Carlos Correa, Trea Turner and Dansby Swanson (subscription required).

Keith Law’s latest dig at Yankees is absolutely out of this world

Let’s play a little guessing game. Here are the career numbers of the four players above. You determine who is best:

  • Player A – .255/.321/.417 with 433 runs scored, 102 HR, 411 RBI, 58 SBs, 95 OPS+, 14.5 WAR, 5.9 dWAR, 16 DRS, 34 OAA in 827 games
  • Player B – .284/.394/.583 with 535 runs scored, 220 HR, 497 RBI, 40 SBs, 163 OPS+, 36.9 WAR, 3.9 dWAR, 61 DRS, 21 OAA in 729 games
  • Player C – .302/.355/.487 with 586 runs scored, 124 HR, 434 RBI, 230 SBs, 122 OPS+, 29.7 WAR, 5.5 dWAR, 16 DRS, 18 OAA in 849 games
  • Player D – .279/.357/.479 with 508 runs scored, 155 HR, 553 RBI, 33 SBs, 129 OPS+, 39.5 WAR, 12.6 dWAR, 70 DRS, 23 OAA in 888 games

The players are Swanson, Judge, Turner and Correa, in that order. On what PLANET are any of these guys more valuable than Judge? Outside of the fact the other three play arguably the most important defensive position on the field? That would be the only valid argument here. But even his defense in right field rivals Correa’s exceptional caliber at short!

Law cited Judge’s size and injury history that kept him from the top spot. He said he wouldn’t give just anything more than a four year deal. But Correa? Who played in 109, 110, 75 and 136 games for four out of his eight seasons?  That’s the No. 1 guy?

Another issue is Judge entering his age-31 season. Correa is entering age-28; Swanson age-29; and Turner age-30. But do you see any of those guys getting 10-year contracts? It’s not like the length of any of these potential deals will be drastically different when considering these four top candidates. If Correa is so valuable/sought-after, then why didn’t he get a long-term contract when he hit free agency last year coming off one of his best seasons ever? If not for a September surge in 2022, Correa was on pace for one of the worst showings since debuting in 2015.

Judge’s three best seasons dwarf Correa’s three best seasons. It’s not even comparable. But sure, fourth on the list after one of the 25 best offensive performances in history.