Astros’ Alex Bregman calls Jomboy ‘conspiracy theorist’ in quickly-deleted tweet


Outside of Jose Altuve, it’s clear no member of the Houston Astros gets more pleasure out of cooking the Yankees than Alex Bregman, who delivered the decisive blow in Game 4 of the ALCS (even though the series had been pretty well decided already).

According to Bregman’s Twitter activity in the aftermath, his vendetta against anything Yankees-related is clearly personal.

While the rest of the world has largely moved past Houston’s tainted 2017 success and shifted to hating the Astros simply because they win more than anybody else does, Bregman was among the least apologetic players back in 2020, reading off a small piece of paper at the public apology and barely acknowledging the controversy.

Clearly, the way social media fueled the rumor mill has stuck in his craw to this day.

After the Astros disposed of the Yankees, Bregman turned his ire immediately on Jomboy Media, a burgeoning empire that has been very player-friendly in recent seasons, turning from a Yanks-centric production into a podcast empire featuring Chris Rose, Trevor Plouffe, David Cone and any number of revolving guests.

Still, Bregman apparently hasn’t forgiven Jomboy for the yeoman’s work he did in breaking down videos of the 2017 Astros banging their trash cans and ruining opposing pitchers’ lives. In the weeks after the scandal broke, Jomboy also attempted to uncover the truth behind any number of pervasive rumors about 2019, from suspicious whistling to buzzer use — a theory it’s important to note they did not invent out of thin air. It was suspected across the league, and even Rob Manfred has admitted we may never know the truth.

Jomboy Media has expanded far beyond Yankees content in the days since their inception, but Bregman hasn’t forgotten early 2020, calling the company “conspiracy theorists” after they tried to sell Astros AL Champs-related merchandise. He quickly deleted the tweet, but as we all know, that means nothing.

Alex Bregman targeted Jomboy, Yankees fans with conspiracy theorist insult

Not to get back into the 2019-20 mud — no more mud please! — but at the time of Jomboy’s deep dives, New York columnist Joel Sherman had also raised suspicion about potential buzzer use, and several teams across the league continued to complain about Houston’s behavior, both in the dugout and beyond the field.

It’s possible that all the behavior the general public needs to know about was confined to the 2017 season. It’s also obvious why Jomboy and many others continued digging after uncovering the top layer. It was important to maintain an even playing field, and it was also extremely interesting.

Bregman can purchase his 2022 AL Champs shirts from wherever he wants. The Yankees can continue to come up short, if they must. But everyone else seems to have gotten over the events of three years ago, and the Astros’ “punishment in the public square” hasn’t been nearly as bad as Manfred tried to claim it would be to justify his slap on the wrist.

Why can’t their All-Star infielder do the same?