Yankees: Jomboy calls out MLB Network host for weird Astros buzzer take


The New York Yankees and Houston Astros faced off Tuesday night for the first time since the 2019 ALCS in a hotly-anticipated matchup of admitted cheaters against the winningest franchise in sports, finally looking to (partially) right a grievous wrong.

You’d think that would be enough of a reason for MLB Network’s hosts to get their facts right in anticipation of the big event, but apparently not.

Robert Flores, formerly of ESPN and currently of our sh*t list for this off-the-cuff remark, chose to set up the game by … attacking Jomboy, of all people, showing where his loyalties lie.

Flores chose to dismiss the buzzer allegations surrounding Jose Altuve’s series-ending home run as “fanboy” nonsense, ignoring the fact that those concerns (whether legitimate or not) were actually raised first by Joel Sherman, a trusted voice in New York media, based on things he’d heard buzzing around the league.

To make sure Flores got the memo, Jomboy targeted him personally for a little refresher course.

Flores has yet to respond.

Yankees fan Jomboy got incensed when MLB Network’s Robert Flores got everything wrong about the Astros scandal.

Of course, wrongfully assigning the buzzer theory to a “fanboy” while also omitting his name and any context wasn’t the only thing Flores blew in the above clip.

He also began his rant by claiming Aroldis Chapman was stupid enough to pitch to Jose Altuve with first base open. Only problem with that theory, hotshot? First base was specifically occupied. Like, by a runner. Not open. Probably smart of Chapman not to walk the winning run into scoring position.

In case you’re still not sure about the order of events from back in late 2019, we’ve included Sherman’s original reporting below regarding body buzzer speculation.

So, just to clear things up, the Astros’ body buzzers theory was posited by people in the game, not just Jomboy and Co. (who are … well, now insiders themselves). The Astros were suspected of cheating in 2018, and accused by the Red Sox (who would know). Altuve still hasn’t explained what the hell was going on in the postgame scrum after Game 6 or why he had to sprint back to the locker room before talking to Ken Rosenthal. All we’ve gotten was him preening across the locker room in spring training 2020, showing off a weird full-body tattoo.

Easy to forget now that we’ve had a pandemic to deal with, but that really happened.

Hmm, anything else? Oh, right, the Astros’ “letter” is still sealed, too, and probably details more cheating than we currently know the scope of. We have every reason to suspect this entire scandal goes deeper than we’ve been told (all the way to Boston!), and we’ll probably never find out the extent of it.

But don’t tell that to Flores. He’ll blame it all on fanboys.