Yankees could get stuck with another bug infestation in Cleveland for ALDS


What’s the literal exact opposite of “music to Yankees fans’ ears”? “Enter Sandman” with a Timmy Trumpet remix? Whatever that opposite may be, this news blast is worse.

According to folks with boots on the ground in Cleveland, there’s certainly a chance the Yankees are about to relive a nightmare while visiting Ohio this weekend to continue the 2022 ALDS. Any relief fans felt about avoiding The Trop in a series against the Rays just melted and congealed into a bug repellant candle.

Remember 2007? Who doesn’t? A young and scrappy Yankees team (relatively speaking) recovered from a brutal first half to rally in August and September and earn a Wild Card berth. Robinson Cano was becoming the type of superstar who could buoy Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and the Core 4. Even if Chien-Ming Wang faltered in Game 1, the Yankees still had Andy Pettitte going on the road in Game 2 to steady the ship. They also had a bullpen ace in rookie Joba Chamberlain.

Well … Wang faltered alright, starting a game the Yankees lost 12-3, but Pettitte was just as stable as ever in Game 2, handing a late 1-0 lead to Chamberlain and the bullpen. Unfortunately, bugs swarmed his body as he threw away that advantage. Joe Torre never pulled the players off the field. The game never halted in its tracks. It was just … yeah, here comes the swarm of bugs, hope that’s cool.

And — you’re not going to believe this — but there’s a solid chance the bugs are back in business this weekend in Cleveland. Hopefully, they pick Triston McKenzie over Luis Severino.

Yankees and Guardians could meet midges in Game 3 in Cleveland

Deep breaths. Exhale. That was last weekend. Different week! Brand new day! Hahaha, we’re scared.

According to McKenzie, the Guardians hurler who was a childhood Yankee fan back in 2007, the bugs completely swarmed him during Game 2 of the Wild Card series last weekend — and he stayed unfazed. Per Chamberlain’s retelling to The Athletic, there was no sign of the bugs until he entered his infamous Game 2 … and then they were just … there.

In other words, the Yankees might get lucky and avoid the midges … but why would they? Here they surely come.

The Athletic’s 15th-anniversary re-telling of Midges Night is as delightful as the original evening was painful.

Included in the oral history is a tidbit that Chamberlain just so happened to be the largest item in the vicinity for the midges to attach to … and mate.

This wasn’t targeted harassment. This was a mating ritual.

Worst. Pornography. Ever.

Unclear what a midge’s life cycle is (gotta be extremely, extremely short), but if the Yankees happen to encounter the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandnephews of the bugs that derailed their underdog run 15 years ago, hopefully Aaron Boone gets bolder than Torre and yanks his team into the clubhouse until it’s safe to breathe again.

After all, this is a family show. We’re going to show bug mating, just like that?!