Bob Costas makes Justin Bieber blunder during Yankees-Guardians Game 2


With Bob Costas and Ron Darling in the booth for Yankees-Guardians, both men of a different era, it felt safe to expect a few naming mishaps during the best-of-five series, especially considering one of the two teams involved changed their long-held franchise name this offseason.

While there were a few moments of slippage with the old name (as has been customary all year long), eagle-eared fans were far more hopeful that Costas could make the ultimate fun mistake in Game 2 with Guardians ace Shane Bieber on the mound.

The right-hander, easily the second-most-famous Bieber in the current pop culture landscape, is well aware of all the jokes, rocking a “Not Justin” nickname jersey on the now-defunct Players Weekend.

For the most part, though, you don’t often see the two get confused, especially not when the former Cy Young is dealing between the white lines.

Well, it took nearly six full innings on Friday afternoon, but Costas finally launched his first “Justin Bieber,” unironically, to open the bottom of the sixth.

Bob Costas slips and calls Shane Bieber “Justin Bieber” in Yankees-Guardians Game 2

In the aftermath, the legend laughed it off after somebody caught it (probably a whisper in his ear) and got in a Bieber song-naming contest with the rest of the gameday crew.

Darling actually provided what might’ve been the funniest moment of the entire sequence. When asked if either man could name a Bieber song, the ex-Met immediately spat out, “Yummy” without hesitation.

Seriously. He could not have responded quicker. Must be a diehard fan.

Costas reacted by peppering his next couple of answers with not-so-subtle Bieber references, but the damage was already done. There’s no coming back from that.

Unless Aaron Boone pulls off a coup and signs a new bullpen ace named “Max Harlow,” this is probably as good as the broadcast is going to get, too.