ESPN insider believes Giants prepared to outbid Yankees for Aaron Judge


As argued by most insiders, the New York Yankees’ main advantage in the Aaron Judge free agency chase boils down to, “…………. Come on! He wouldn’t leave the Yankees ……………….. right? Like, he wouldn’t. Because ………………. come on!”

A Yankees-Judge marriage makes all the sense in the world from a marketing perspective, but at the same time, the Yankees’ offer must remain competitive. Judge has earned a significant raise on the “fair offer” the team presented to him before the season started. If Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t wave his hand and give Brian Cashman permission to include at least … $90-100 million more, Judge will quickly get used to the idea of shopping elsewhere.

And what better second stop in his possible Hall of Fame career than … home?

Defecting to the Mets doesn’t make much sense unless Steve Cohen breaks the $400 million mark and the Yankees’ offer remains an insulting percentage of that total. The Red Sox? They should check out what’s going on in their own backyard before dreaming of a 30-year-old Judge. The Cubs? Anthony Rizzo will put a stop to that.

But the San Francisco Giants, the team of Judge’s youth, have the money to make a massive overture to their hometown hero. And, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney, they intend to use it.

Giants ready to outbid Yankees for Aaron Judge, which is very sad!

According to Olney’s appearance on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’:

"“I do think that some team will jump in with a bigger number than the Yankees are going to offer. I think that number is going to come from the San Francisco Giants.“I know they are waiting in the weeds for the offseason to begin, and they are going to pursue Judge, who grew up about 100 miles from their ballpark.”Judge, 30, grew up in Central California, as a Giants fan. If he’s going to suit up for his boyhood club next season, it’s going to take over $300 million to get him to the Bay.“The contract he’s going to get in the offseason is going to start with the number three, as in $300 million dollars.”"

Maybe Gleyber Torres’ message to “pay the man” got transmitted to the west coast by accident?

Judge and the Giants are a match made from hell for the Yankees, who were surely hoping that the slugger’s childhood team — where Barry Bonds’ home run record reigns supreme — wouldn’t get involved here. Coming off a 107-win season that stole the NL West from the Dodgers, the Giants tried their “mix and match” strategy again in 2022 to much less success. Needless to say, a little star power might be necessary to create something sustainable in San Francisco.

The Giants and Yankees are the only two star-driven clubs Judge can wind up with that’ll really maximize his earning power in endorsements and extracurriculars.

Any interested team should eclipse $300 million with their offer. The Yankees’ worry should involve the Giants going much, much higher than that to upend the offseason.

According to Olney, most insiders still can’t wrap their minds around Judge leaving the Bronx, and he pegs the likelihood of a long-term reunion at 60%. But the Giants should hear that and think, “40 isn’t so bad.”