Guy who caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR ball definitely doesn’t need the money


College football fans’ long, national nightmare came to a close on Tuesday night when Yankees slugger Aaron Judge polished off a Jesus Tinoco offering deep into the left-field seats, notching his 62nd home run of the season and earning an immediate rest. Despite the road environment, the crowd cheered — again, packed with frustrated Longhorns fans who were sick of the split screen.

The home run scrum wasn’t quite as crazy as the collection of ball-bound fools who fought over Judge’s 60th at Yankee Stadium, though one man did fall into a pit of his own accord.

At the end of the battle, one man emerged cleanly with the ball, whisked away by security to the tunnels of Globe Life Field, the magical ballpark where every team except the Rangers seems hell-bent on making history.

The lucky fellow was later identified as local man Cory Youmans. Turns out, he was already lucky long before he ever got his mitts on this commemorative baseball.

Youmans, per reports, is a VP at Fisher Investments in Dallas, a company that manages a whopping $197 billion worldwide. Based on our limited knowledge of investment firms, Youmans’ salary has to be at least $98 billion.

Kidding, of course, but … could the ball have gone to a more financially-settled person in the left-field bleachers? Not saying it should find its way back to Judge free of charge, but … if it’s sold, that money should probably be dispersed a little bit.

Cory Youmans caught Yankees’ Aaron Judge 62nd HR ball. He’s a VP at Fisher Investments.

Jokes aside, Youmans has the right to do whatever he wants with the baseball — and he’s probably better at managing the resulting wealth than many of the other people in his section.

Oh, and did we mention he’s married to a local sports reporter/Bachelor alum? Because he is.

Congrats on your baseball, though, dude. Congrats on your little toy. Cute little toy, dude. No, no, I’m serious, I really hope you like your little toy.

Why couldn’t the homer have been hit at Citi Field?! Then, the Mets would’ve had to stare at Judge’s history directly, and the ball could’ve been caught by a dog. A dog!

And … we’re hearing that dog is a VP at Fisher Investments. Dammit.

Youmans had it all already before he stepped through the gates at Globe Life, but now his luck has doubled. The ball has been assessed at a value of $2 million or more — or, in other words, “one nice dinner” for one of Youmans’ clients.

When asked what he planned to do with the souvenir, Youmans responded, “Good question. I haven’t thought about it.”

Haven’t thought about it?! Isn’t thinking about it, like … your whole thing? And you want to be my wealth manager…