Josh Donaldson clearly uncomfortable in Yankees clubhouse after Judge, Rizzo trolls


Josh Donaldson recently became a father (again) in the beginning of September after welcoming his second daughter into the world. He got to celebrate once again this month on Tuesday night when the New York Yankees clinched the AL East in Toronto.

A party ensued in the visiting clubhouse when the Yankees took home the 5-2 victory and the beer/champagne showers commenced. Harrison Bader was chugging multiple beers at once. Gerrit Cole was dancing in front of the cameras. Someone dumped beer down Nestor Cortes’ pants. It was a good time.

But things went a bit too far for Donaldson, who was conducting an interview with Yankees reporter Meredith Marakovits. While he was answering some questions, Aaron Judge popped by and called Donaldson “Dadddddyyyy” in a high-pitched voice.

Donaldson responded, “Hey, come on, come on.” He then shifted his attention back to Marakovits, but in came Anthony Rizzo with another “DAAAAAAADDDYYYY” and Donaldson impatiently said “Stop.” Once he got the out to leave the interview, he took it as fast as he possibly could, too.

Marakovits invited Rizzo in to share his happiness and Donaldson gave him the old, “Yeah, yeah, Anthony, here ya go, enjoy, see ya later.” (Fast forward to the 1:55 mark here):

Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Judge trolled Josh Donaldson in the Yankees clubhouse

We’d love to know the context here. Why can’t Donaldson handle a good old “Daddy” reference? Why are Judge and Rizzo saying it in a high-pitched voice? Is Donaldson just upset because his short-lived dad strength following the birth of his daughter is already gone after a week?

It’s not like Donaldson was worked up before that, either. Nestor Cortes hyped him up when they were celebrating on the field at Rogers Centre and called him “The Real King of Toronto,” referencing the slugger’s MVP campaign with the Jays back in 2015.

Maybe we can switch to a high-pitched “Kiiiiiinnngggg”?!

He didn’t even get a kick out of that one?! What’s going on here? Shouldn’t this be fun? The best explanation here is that Donaldson is so zoned in on capturing his first career World Series that he doesn’t have time for any nonsense in between.

Yeah, we like that narrative better than him being a party pooper.