Fan outside Yankee Stadium demanding Oswald Peraza call-up is hilarious

Oswald Peraza of the New York Yankees
Oswald Peraza of the New York Yankees /

Given the golden opportunity to add two players to their active roster to help avert a September slide, the New York Yankees initially seemed content instead to use that added space for the most boring transactions possible.

After all, Oswaldo Cabrera’s already been called up! Jeez! What do you people want?! A second good and fun thing? Be reasonable!

But then, a hero came along. A singular force for good in this increasingly dark world. A man with a printed-out sign begging for change … and change he did receive.

Top prospect Oswald Peraza may not have been ready for the bigs once upon a time, but he conquered Triple-A sometime in mid-June, finishing at .300 for the month before hitting .304 in July and .273 in August with solid pop.

Add in the glove, and Peraza’s already the strongest big-league option the Yankees have at the shortstop position … except for the fact that he spent all of August touring the high minors, with no end in sight. Until SIGN MAN showed up and made his voice heard.

Though the team seemed actively against the prospect of improving for most of the second half, one man even taking the the streets to protest (River Ave and 161st Street, to be specific) encountered some good news on his way home. Pack up that sign! Peraza got called up hours later, likely thanks to you.

Will Yankees fans ever see Oswald Peraza? What about this one specific guy?

Way to go, buddy. But don’t you dare go inside that building and buy a chicken bucket directly from Hal Steinbrenner himself. Stand your ground.

Even though the Yankees took ages to promote Peraza, he’s eligible for the postseason roster since he’s already on the 40-man. Shane McClanahan made his MLB debut in the ALDS against the Yankees two years ago. He could easily work his way not only onto the roster, but into the iron Starting 9 by the time October rolls around.

And, again, you can thank Sign Man. And Anthony Rizzo, who stayed back in California and is likely to miss the team’s upcoming crucial battle with the Rays. That pushed DJ LeMahieu to first and opened up an even more obvious hole for Peraza to provide a spark.

Aaron Boone spoke on Peraza Thursday and provided his most hopeful comment yet about his possible elevation to the active roster. Maybe he’d spoken to the fan with the sign and was dropping him an easter egg before the news hit?

The one shining light in the Yankees’ past three weeks of play has been Cabrera, freed from Triple-A and given the chance to inject life in a static team and contribute.

Thankfully, it wasn’t necessary for all Yankee fans to take to the streets to make it happen again. Just this one man.