Buck Showalter just proved Yankees’ point as Mets fans scream Subway Series hypocrisy


The New York Yankees won their second consecutive baseball game on Monday night in the Bronx, their first time piecing together victories in tandem since late July. The Bombers are attempting to dig themselves out of a nightmare month, and every little victory helps — especially when Max Scherzer’s the opposing pitcher, and Domingo German nearly goes seven shutout on the other side.

A lot has changed since the last time the Yankees and Mets locked horns towards the end of July. Back then, every Yankee fan was beginning to lack confidence on a night-in, night-out basis, but the wheels hadn’t fully fallen off yet. Back then, the two-game Subway Series sweep might’ve just been a blip on the post-All-Star Game radar instead of another signal of the end times.

The Yankees further proved that they had no “grand plan” for giving the Mets their very best when they sent German to the mound to oppose Scherzer, fresh off getting shellacked in his season debut in Houston.

Would a win have been fantastic? Absolutely! Wins are great. Wins are greater than losses. But the Yankees weren’t managing the Subway Series as if it were a no-holds-barred exhibition for bragging rights/the two-game set that determined “who runs” New York. They let their typical rotation run its course, and lost twice, getting outworked by a hotter and deeper team. Mets fans celebrated. Yankees fans swooned, while stating the obvious: this had not been their best and brightest.

That didn’t stop Mets fans from working themselves into a brain tornado, though, calling prominent Yankee fans “weak” for claiming the games didn’t matter, never realizing that wasn’t what was being said. All they were claiming was that the losses mattered as much as any loss, and the Yankees’ behavior made it clear they weren’t pulling out all the stops to make the Mets miserable.

Smash cut to the Yankees winning Monday’s two-game series opener in the Bronx, and somehow managing to get roasted for celebrating their victory — which, again, feels better than a defeat. That’s it and that’s all.

Yankees fans win big Subway Series game as Buck Showalter proves their point from July

Admittedly, things have changed since late July — or, as Twitter-poisoned tweens call it, “Moving Goalposts.” Back then, the Yankees were trying to avoid a few losses snowballing into something more. Now? They’re trying to inch their way out of the desert. Obviously, wins mean more now than when the team was 13 games up in the East. It doesn’t take a professor to break that down.

Nothing can change on Twitter, though. Everything is now as it was then. Context doesn’t exist. Everything you said in June is a Freezing Cold Take waiting to happen. Every comment is both in-the-moment and eternal. It’s a great world.

Back then, Mets fans wanted to crow about how it was a “loser mentality” to claim post-loss that the Subway Series games didn’t count for much beyond two wins or two losses. In reality, no one was claiming they didn’t care; they were just claiming the Yankees didn’t care any more than they would on any other day. They displayed that before the losses when they opted not to rearrange the rotation or create a spark.

Ironically, the New York Mets proved Yankees fans’ point themselves before Monday’s series opener.

Originally slated for the second game, Jacob deGrom will now no longer be pitching in the series, as the Mets linger three games ahead of Atlanta. The Mets prioritized deGrom’s long-term health over some self-manufactured quest to beat the Yankees at all costs.

Turns out, the season extends beyond this series. Imagine that!

Modern-day fans can’t expand their brains wide enough to think about the bigger picture — and, if they did, they might accidentally open them wide enough for some other team to become “rent free”! Oh no! Imagine thinking about two things!

If they could, though, they’d see that the Yankees celebrating a win that caps a month-long drought without a winning streak has nothing to do with beating the Mets being bigger than life itself.

Nobody’s celebrating a World Series in August. They’re just celebrating their World Series chances coming back to life. And if the championship were at stake on Tuesday, surely deGrom would be toeing the rubber.