Yankees clap back at Cubs’ weird troll after Sunday home run massacre


After Friday night’s loss, the Chicago Cubs really thought they had something going against the New York Yankees in the Bronx this weekend. Sure, the Bombers came out on top (as they typically do) in the opener, but it took 13 innings and the first hit with RISP of the entire game for both sides to secure a victory.

If the struggle was that real in the first game of the set, then surely red-hot rookie pitchers Matt Swarmer and Keegan Thompson would be able to hold the Yankees down. So what better time to clown on Yankee fans from the NL Central’s basement?

In the first inning of Saturday night’s contest (already down 1-0!), Swarmer allowed a long, loud fly ball off the bat of Giancarlo Stanton that ended up in center fielder Christopher Morel’s glove. Nice play! Made it to the wall. Nearly a bomb, wasn’t a bomb. And it was then that @Cubs opted to fire off the tweet that would haunt them for the rest of the weekend.

“Yankees fans think everything is a home run,” it read. And from that point on, everything was a home run.

The Yankees ambushed Chicago’s rookie pitchers (and first baseman Frank Schwindel!) to the tune of a 25-4 advantage from that point forward, and closed out a sweep on Sunday without an ounce of drama, other than the, “Will Anthony Rizzo pitch?!” debate.

Perhaps there’s a reason the crowd at Yankee Stadium is so homer-expectant?

Yankees clap back at Cubs’ home run Twitter troll

Oof. Neat catch, though.

In case you thought it was just going to be internet randos seeking and destroying the Cubs’ tweet, though, the Yankees’ account kept it in mind as the fiesta was unfolding.

Once Kyle Higashioka took a position player’s 36 MPH curveball deep in the ninth, @Yankees finally decided to let loose with the tweet they’d obviously been sitting on for just under 24 hours:

The Yankees chug into a rare off day at 44-16, powered on Sunday by Matt Carpenter’s two bombs and seven RBI, Higashioka’s first two homers of the year, and hatred. Pure, uncut hatred.

So, fans gasp and exhale a little bit on long fly balls. Rest assured, Yankee fans, if you go to a game this summer, eventually some of the balls are going to go out. Nothing to be ashamed of.

On the other hand, Cubs fans — often distracted in the hot sun by a cup snake — are as authentic as it gets. Right-o.