Jose Trevino is already a Yankees legend and fans love it


Say what you want about New York Yankees fans, but underneath all the criticism and fury is unwavering support. Joey Gallo and Aaron Hicks might be in the doghouse for much of this year, but the moment a rival fan opens their mouth to talk trash, Yankees fans are right there to put the naysayers in their place.

And when it comes to guys succeeding, fans make sure to pack the stadium with deafening volume or brag about their top contributors on social media (sometimes in an exaggerated manner). Yankees Twitter can sometimes be a toxic place, but you’ll also find delightful pockets of adoration for certain players.

Catcher Jose Trevino is among the untouchables thanks to his contributions right off the bat with his new team. There’s no bad-mouthing Trevino, unless you really want trouble. We dare you to find one critical tweet about the jovial 29-year-old. If there is one, it’s probably ratioed to death and that Twitter user was forced to deactivate his or her account.

Sometimes, life is a bit easier for certain Yankees players, and it’s due to expectations. Unfortunately for Gary Sánchez, he set the bar too high and was held to a standard that was largely unsustainable, and then his lows were so far off of his potential that the aggravation compounded to the point of no return, resulting in his eventual departure this offseason.

But Trevino is the exact opposite. He was acquired in the offseason from the Rangers in a trade that sent reliever Albert Abreu to Texas solely because the Yankees lost Twins trade acquisition Ben Rortvedt to injury.

Trevino was essentially the Yankees third option behind the plate, and now he’s an absolute legend, regardless of what happens the rest of the way. He’s provided countless memorable moments and filled a void on this roster that desperately needed improvement.

Jose Trevino already has multiple signature Yankees moments

Trevino logged his second walk-off hit of the season on Friday night against the Chicago Cubs in what was an interminable 13-inning game. Manager Aaron Boone called on him to pinch-hit in the 13th and he delivered by ripping a single into left field.

His first such clutch contribution came back on May 24 against the Baltimore Orioles, where he went 3-for-5 with a homer, three RBI and a walk. He played all 11 innings and sent the Yankees home with an electric walk-off single.

But both game-winning hits featured emotional narratives to further solidify Trevino’s mark on positively impacting the Yankees. May 24 was his father’s birthday. Trevino sadly lost his dad nine years ago. His dad was a huge Yankees fan and always dreamed of his son playing in pinstripes. Coincidentally, June 10 was Trevino’s son’s fourth birthday. His son, Josiah, got the green light to stay up for the entire game and saw his father’s epic moment vs the Cubs.

The importance of good vibes in a clubhouse cannot be stressed enough. It sounds cheesy, but the last two years of Yankees baseball really lacked that, and the results were indicative of that missing element. Trevino’s been a welcome addition who has always provided relief in that department, whether it’s his dedication to defensive game plans, his constant smiling whenever the camera captures him, or making walk-off wins against inferior opponents feel that much better.

Throw in the fact he’s hitting .290 with an .802 OPS and 131 OPS+ in 38 games (15 runs scored, 4 homers and 17 RBI, too!) and is among the league leader in Catcher Framing Runs, and his presence has been an integral part of New York’s blistering 42-16 start.

When players rise to the occasion in the Bronx — especially with a little help from minimized expectations — it helps their reputation immensely among the fans. Trevino’s seized the moment multiple times in the early going as a result, and his one-of-a-kind perspective/outlook on life tells us he’d be able to do this with elevated pressure, too.