President Joe Biden removes Mariano Rivera from government role


New York Yankees great Mariano Rivera has been removed from his position of prominence on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition and to that we say … good! Why was he there? Does he need to be there? It’s fine that he is not there.

The less the Panamanian legend is politicized, the better, and Rivera was previously installed by President Trump as a co-chair of the Council, forever branded with a relationship to the ex-Commander in Chief.

Though Rivera will still serve on the Council under President Biden’s administration, he has been replaced as co-chair, and presumably can slink back into a less prominent role.

His role, originally re-upped in Dec. 2020 as Trump was on his way out of office as a parting gift, will now go to Chef Jose Andres (more ‘fitness and nutrition,’ less ‘sports’) and Elena Delle Donne, a WNBA star who played at Biden’s native Delaware.

Rivera’s reaction to all this news, presumably, was a big ol’ shrug.

But it sure was an honor to write this headline for all you fine folks.

Yankees legend Mariano Rivera has been removed by President Biden

Now, if only Biden had the same power to remove Aroldis Chapman from the closer’s role.

All in all, this makes sense. Rivera proved in 2004 he was never great at stopping the steal. Sorry! Sorry. Deleting. We’re deleting it.

Hey, here’s something you definitely didn’t want to know: two other Trump appointees to the council, Herschel Walker and Dr. Mehmet Oz, were removed recently to seek Senatorial runs. Both are currently running for public office.

Could … Rivera have followed in their footsteps as a token, trophy candidate? He never seemed overly enthusiastic about playing politics, but something tells us you could’ve said the same about Walker five years ago.

Regardless, we hope Rivera enjoys his reduced role and continues to have input on making children healthier and more active. We also hope that he retires from political life.