Which Yankees pitcher got last-ever base hit before Universal DH?


We … we wish this was a more interesting moment in New York Yankees history.

We wish the final base hit by a pitcher in the history of the franchise was some gilded moment, a line drive laced during the World Series or an interleague walk-off.

Hell, we’d take, like, a blooper in the All-Star Game. At least that’s on the national stage.

Alas … the final base hit ever by a New York Yankees pitcher, pending a stunning reversal of the Universal DH, which Rob Manfred is ready to install in 2022 and beyond, is none of those things. At the very least, though, it did come against the Mets! That’s something!

In what should serve as another loud, clanging argument in favor of replacing pitchers with an additional offensive player — as well as proof that we can’t all be Dontrelle Willis or Madison Bumgarner — the Yankees’ last pitcher hit ever was … drumroll, please … Luis Severino’s dinky bunt against the Mets back in 2017.

Congratulations to Luis.

Luis Severino got the final base hit from a Yankees pitcher … ever.

Absolutely pitcher perfect. Frame it.

What’s sadder? That the Yankees just rattled off four consecutive seasons without a pitcher hit of any kind, or the fact that we haven’t seen them in a World Series since 2009 and have kind of, sort of forgotten what it’s like when a pitcher has to hit in an important moment.

Be honest with yourself: is this really some terrible loss? How many offensive moments can you recall from Yankees pitchers over the years? Mariano Rivera’s bases-loaded walk at Citi Field back in 2009? CC Sabathia taking batting practice? Chris Carter?

(checks earpiece) I’m now being told Chris Carter was a first baseman. Are you sure? Because he hit like a pitch–nope, first baseman. Got it. I hear ya.

It’s perfectly fine to be a baseball traditionalist — we are! — while also being able to admit that Andy Pettitte looping a run-scoring, game-tying single in Game 3 of the 2009 World Series was the most improbable moment of our lifelong fandom, and doesn’t mean we shouldn’t replace him with an additional offensive threat.

If you disagree, please watch the above Severino bunt video on a loop.

That should tide you over for a while.