Yankees: 3 Forgotten Moments of 2009 World Series Run

Damaso Marte of the New York Yankees (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Damaso Marte of the New York Yankees (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) /
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The New York Yankees won the 2009 World Series in memorable fashion.

Winning the World Series remains uniquely special — even if you’re a Yankees fan who’s got plenty of experience in your back pocket.

It rarely happens, after all — only once in 19 years, and who’s counting? — and it never happens the same way twice.

For many of us, 2009 was the first title of our “adult” fandom. For some of us, sure, it was simply the latest cap on a lifetime of success — and those folks won’t let us forget it. But this magical walk-off-filled season truly resonated with a lot of younger fans who finally had a non-dynasty team prove they could do it all again, too.

Some of the moments will last forever, and get replayed on MLB Network ad nauseam — A-Rod and Teixeira vs. the Twins, Johnny Damon’s double steal, and the Matsui Game 6 party. But what about those you haven’t thought about in a decade that combined to make No. 27 possible?

Honorable Mentions: Mark Teixeira’s Ice-Breaking Home Run off Pedro in Game 2 of the WS, Jose Molina’s Snap Throw Pickoff, Andy Pettitte’s RBI Single, Damaso Marte Doin’ the Damn Thing

3. A-Rod’s Camera Well Home Run

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

A-Rod’s home run off the camera well helped kickstart the 2009 World Series.

This use of replay review went better for Alex Rodriguez than the time he tried to slap Bronson Arroyo’s hand off his body.

Down 3-0 early in Game 3 on Halloween Night in Philadelphia, New York was dangerously close to losing control of the World Series entirely, with two more road games ahead of them.

Instead, they piled up two runs on one swing of the bat from A-Rod off Cole Hamels in the fourth inning. Initially ruled a double, Rodriguez was correctly awarded a home run when it was revealed that his ball had nestled itself inside the hood of a FOX camera.

Before replay review was really part of our lives, here it was, correctly delivering the Yankees new life in ’09.

Just like that, New York was back in the series, riding the momentum of that dinger all the way to consecutive road wins, capped by A-Rod’s far more famous double off Brad Lidge.