Did Carlos Correa lose Yankees’ bid with nonsensical Derek Jeter comments?


We really didn’t want to bring any attention to this, but now we’re hearing from multiple outlets that the New York Yankees are reportedly considering “passing” on the high-priced free agent shortstop. Yup, sounds insane. But honestly, what are we to believe? Right before Justin Verlander re-signed with the Houston Astros, the Yanks were rumored to be the frontrunners for him.

In the realm of shortstops, it was initially a foregone conclusion Corey Seager would be a Yankee. Then everybody became enamored with Carlos Correa. Javier Báez was even rumored as an option last month. Trevor Story? He’ll be a bargain now! Marcus Semien? Perfect short-term stopgap option, apparently.

Whatever the answer is, we’ll accept it … unless it’s Andrelton Simmons. Then we’ll no longer be fans of this team.

But in all seriousness, in the case of Correa, is there a chance the Yankees brass’ commentary on him was a front? Is there a chance what he said about Yankees legend Derek Jeter has now helped spur the reports that the Bombers aren’t going to spend big on shortstop?

Last week, Correa appeared on “Beisbolpuro” and talked about a number of topics, one of which happened to be Jeter’s defensive skills and Gold Glove awards. The entire interview is in Spanish, but it was quickly translated and aggregated for the world to enjoy.

Correa cited the advanced metric “Defensive Runs Saved” as his argument for why Jeter didn’t deserve “any” of the Gold Gloves he was awarded.

Carlos Correa said Yankees legend Derek Jeter didn’t deserve his Gold Gloves.

Funny how life works, right? We complain that Aaron Judge should be a Gold Glover because of his stats, both advanced and on-the-surface, and we’re told to shut up and stop being babies. But it’s totally OK to jump on the anti-Jeter bandwagon when it fits your narrative. Yankees haters really need a new hobby. Try skipping rocks. Or taking a long walk off a short pier.

Anyway, now that the rumor suggesting the Yankees aren’t keen on spending big money on a shortstop is circulating, it oddly surfaced while this Correa quote was making its rounds. We’re not saying it directly influenced the team’s thought process, but it does make you think.

The Yankees are an institution, a brand. Yes, they bring rivals aboard more than we’d like, but they do so tactically. Roger Clemens? Johnny Damon? The dust settled long enough for fans to eventually be OK with it. Plus, neither said anything overly inflammatory about the team’s history/best players … nor were they found guilty of helping orchestrate a wide-ranging, illegal sign-stealing scandal. The Yankees might say that no longer matters, but for an organization that refuses to do ANYTHING off the cuff, we’re constantly being reminded why Correa isn’t a fit.

Hey, maybe they were willing to overlook the cheating scandal from 2017. Holding on to such ill will for an excessive period of time could no doubt help you lose sight of your ultimate goals.

Insulting Jeter, though? A five-time World Series champion and first-ballot Hall of Famer? The most recent captain of the New York Yankees? And doing so by citing advanced metrics? Sorry, sir, but that might be the last straw.