Carlos Correa’s Twitter bio change means Yankees’ chase is on


New York Yankees fans have been living in a Twitter tornado for the better part of a week (a year? 10 years? a lifetime?), as rumors have been hitting the timeline fast and loose.

Have you ever wished you could relive the 2008-09 offseason accompanied by a version of Twitter that’s fully fleshed-out? Well, now you just might be able to.

MLB insiders are predicting spending at astronomical levels. The Yankees have been connected to every left-handed first baseman from Freddie Freeman to Matt Olson to Hall of Famer George Sisler. Justin Verlander could sign with a team near and dear to Talkin’ Yanks host Jake Storiale’s heart any minute now, per Jeff Passan.

And oh, right, the shortstop position. This team’s No. 1 need moving forward, featuring five of the game’s biggest names up for grabs. How could we forget?

While Corey Seager still seems like the logical favorite to earn $250 million of Hal Steinbrenner’s money, Brian Cashman has done plenty to talk up Carlos Correa’s skill set and readiness for the moment these past few days. He made it a point to endorse the fit at the GM meetings, and claimed he did not care much to hear from Yankee fans who couldn’t forgive and forget his role in Houston’s 2017 sign-stealing scandal.

As if we didn’t already know it, Correa’s departure from H-Town became all but official when he marked his own rejection of the qualifying offer with an official Twitter bio change.

Correa may not be a Yankee, but he’s certainly not an Astro anymore, which he made clear the first chance he had.

Future Yankees (?) shortstop Carlos Correa just changed his Twitter bio.

This, coupled with the NYC UFC fight he attended with Martin Maldonado … somebody wants leverage!

The chase is officially on — and it unofficially has been since Correa’s camp rejected a laughable extension offer from Houston of five years and $160 million. Correa might not just beat that dollar figure, but he could double it, and he might just reach a full decade of control while he’s at it, too.

That level of disrespect from his now-former franchise always seemed egregious, and Brian Cashman is certainly licking his lips if his potential target feels slighted enough by his former team to dump them from the bio at the drop of a hat.

An elite former Astros shortstop who now hates the Astros? Oh, no. Wouldn’t want that. Can’t have that at all.

Quickly, a “verified rando” dropped a report this morning that an MLB insider told him that Correa to Detroit is a done deal. Jeff Passan, MLB’s preeminent insider over at ESPN, threw cold water on that Monday afternoon, all while talking up the possibility of Justin Verlander to the Yankees.

Well, how about that?

Things are steamier than ever these days, and they’ll only get wilder when the Nov. 19 deadline for protecting prospects from the Rule 5 Draft approaches.

For now, let’s savor this bit of offseason gold. Nov. 15: The Day Carlos Correa Officially Threw His Trash Can In The … Trash.