Did Cardinals just leak Yankees-Luke Voit trade with sneaky edit?


Congrats, New York Yankees fans who live in the midwest! You’ll be able to travel to St. Louis to watch your boys play the Cardinals at Busch Stadium from Aug. 5-7.

Anti-congrats, Yankees fans who live anywhere else! Because you were given quite a scare on Tuesday by a Cardinals hype video that ended up … possibly revealing a little something about how this week is going to end.

The Cards released a ticket purchase-centric highlight video on Tuesday evening that featured, for seemingly no reason, a shot of DJ LeMahieu ripping a home run against the Minnesota Twins. Huh?

Making things even odder, this wasn’t the first version of the video that got posted. That one, scrubbed from the internet for a few seconds before it resurfaced, featured a Luke Voit clip in LeMahieu’s place.

It’s weird enough that the corrected version of this damn thing features LeMahieu, which makes it look like an earnest attempt to communicate, “Hey, the New York Yankees are coming to town!”

And, of course, the Yankee who Cardinals fans are most excited to see is obviously LeMahieu, rather than Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton. Naturally.

But … if that’s all this was … then why scrub Voit? Wouldn’t the former Cardinal have served the same purpose? Unless … someone tipped them off that he’s not going to be making the trip.

Are the Yankees about to trade Luke Voit? According to the Cardinals?

It’s no secret that Voit fell out of favor with the Yankees as his injury issues compounded in 2021. The team acquired Anthony Rizzo at the deadline and promised both men could play in tandem (after intensely shopping Voit in the hours prior to the horn).

Clearly, that wasn’t true; Voit ended up glued to the bench when Rizzo was available, as Stanton stayed plugged into the DH slot more often than not.

Perhaps someone in the video office included Voit as a kindly tribute to his St. Louis days, then came to their senses when they realized it was more likely than not that he wouldn’t make it to early August on the Yankees roster.

Or .. perhaps … somebody gave the Cardinals a hat tip to alter the video as quickly as possible, knowing that a Voit trade is incoming prior to the Nov. 19 deadline to protect Rule 5-eligible prospects.

Something smells fishy here. We think this went a level beyond plain common sense. Someone was tipped off.

Also … why did you insert another LeMahieu clip?! Just cut to Nolan Arenado smiling and call it a millennium.