Yankees: Rumored A-Rod story makes him sound jealous of Joey Gallo


The veracity of this story comes down to one thing: do you want to believe “Roscoe From Brooklyn,” who called into Carton & Roberts on WFAN to share a bizarre Alex Rodriguez story? Do you buy into the magic of a well-spun yarn, or are you rational?

Because there aren’t a lot of details in Roscoe’s tale about the ex-Yankees slugger … but also … it’s really, really funny. So … make of that what you will.

According to our friend Roscoe, he showed up to Sunday Night Baseball at Citi Field this week with an authentic A-Rod Yankees jersey, which he also hinted he’d stolen.

However, when he talked to Rodriguez’s representatives, they told him he wouldn’t sign the jersey, claiming that number belongs to Joey Gallo now, and he should sign it instead.

Likely? No, probably not.

Realistic? Well, you tell me. Does Rodriguez sound like a man who holds grudges?

Yankees slugger Joey Gallo is wrapped up in A-Rod’s bitter story.

Here’s where we’re finding fault with this story: who is Roscoe that he received an official statement from A-Rod’s reps? Who told Roscoe that Rodriguez wouldn’t sign the jersey? Rodriguez himself?

You’re telling me that, at some point during ESPN’s pregame production scrum, Rodriguez had the time to field autograph requests from a guy who claimed his jersey “fell off the truck” in Brooklyn? Seems like something he wouldn’t have a minute to handle.

However … we can also totally see Rodriguez spitefully rejecting such a request after his jersey number went untouched for five years, only for Gallo to slip it on at the 2021 deadline. After all, Rodriguez was critical of Gallo’s addition weeks before the move was made, and listed the ex-Rangers slugger as a detrimental trade target.

A-Rod’s also been extremely pro-Mets lately in the booth, emphasizing his childhood fandom this past weekend over the team he, you know, recently played for.

So, are we buying it? Did Roscoe funnel his jersey all the way to the man at the top, only to have his autograph request rejected in petty fashion? Or is this just another WFAN caller excelling at Improv 101?