Yankees: A-Rod’s trade targets for NYY are hilarious and impossible


The New York Yankees, having “saved their season” by taking two out of three from the Red Sox in what seemed likely to be a disaster series this weekend, might need to go forth and upgrade at the trade deadline just to save their own skin.

The outfield, now without both Tim Locastro and Trey Amburgey (!!!), consists of Greg Allen, Ryan LaMarre and Brett Gardner in a best-case scenario.

Bizarrely, those two men at the corners have been killing it, but that doesn’t mean Starling Marte and Co. wouldn’t be massive upgrades.

According to Alex Rodriguez on Sunday night’s ESPN broadcast, the Yankees need to be cautious when upgrading their outfield, though. Joey Gallo of the Rangers, whose name has been mentioned repeatedly in recent weeks, doesn’t feel like a fit to A-Rod due to the swing-and-miss nature of his game.

Sounds like Rodriguez has been knee-deep in Yankees Twitter.

So, we’ll play this game. Gallo does seem expensive. He does swing and miss plenty (though he’d still help this team). Who would Rodriguez rather trade for? Well … about that …

A-Rod wants the Yankees to trade for Christian Yelich over Joey Gallo. OK!

Yes, that’s Jose Ramirez from the Indians, who’d join an already-crowded infield, followed by Christian Yelich and Ramon Laureano, two centerpieces of playoff contenders (and one who’s locked down through 2029).

Probably not?

Hopefully, Rodriguez meant Yelich-and-Laureano-type-guys and not Yelich and Laureano themselves. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of those available either? Those are absolute superstars … though Yelich is hitting .244 with a 114 OPS+. Maybe the Yankees can buy low? Yup, in our dreams.

As noble as A-Rod’s intentions are — and as legitimate as his worries about Gallo being a redundant overpay are — his goals for the new-look Yankees seem to be just about as realistic as importing Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers. Hey, wait. That’s not a bad idea.

Maybe the ESPN analyst is just worried about his number being stolen, and he’s trying to prevent that at all costs?

If Gallo costs as much as recent prognostications claim he might, then Rodriguez won’t have to worry about justifying the All-Star’s addition whatsoever; the Yankees will only bite at their price, and won’t include Jasson Dominguez to out-bid the San Diego Padres.

Acting like Gallo, a lefty power bat unlike any other, wouldn’t help the team at all is disingenuous, though.

Perhaps someday the Brewers will engage in a fire sale and the A’s will try their favorite “trade before extending” trick with Laureano. Doesn’t seem likely to happen in the next 10 days, though.