Yankees: Paul O’Neill becoming a grandfather is amazing and jarring


Want to feel old, Yankees fans?

I mean…no, you don’t. Nobody wants to feel that. It’s simply an inevitability of life’s ceaseless march.

Nevertheless, Friday night’s Yankee broadcast certainly got us one step closer to requesting a good night’s sleep when they revealed early on the reason behind the Michael Kay-John Flaherty duo.

No, there would be no Paul O’Neill from Studio 21 in Ohio (seriously, it’s wild he’s been…chilling there all year).

The reason behind his absence? He’s officially a grandfather, and the baby’s been born, healthy, and is likely basking in the glory of its new family and staying away from the water coolers.

Congrats, Paulie! Also, how was 2001 20 full years ago? This is both a clearly joyous occasion and another opportunity to reassess how aging hits us all like a hammer.

Yankees legend Paul O’Neill is officially a grandfather! Where does the time go?

What a huge week for O’Neill, huh? First, he becomes the only Yankees legend with an unofficial retired number after Alex Rodriguez saw his No. 13 bequeathed to Joey Gallo; O’Neill’s No. 21 hasn’t been retired, but nobody takes is anymore, either, after that whole LaTroy Hawkins kerfuffle of 2008.

And now, he’s got a brand new grandchild to bounce on his knee and regale with stories of taking 12-pitch walks in clutch situations to set up his teammates!

O’Neill first announced the forthcoming new addition to his family on the air back in May, and partner Michael Kay sounded genuinely touched about the news. It’s unfortunate that O’Neill has to miss any of the special Yankees 2.0 action, highlighted by Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo, but we couldn’t fathom a better reason.

And, of course, he got a good look at the new Bombers over the weekend in Miami — while getting to poke fun at his old teammates Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada, too.


Jeter’s in the owner’s box in Miami. Jorge’s by his side. Andy Pettitte’s son is getting drafted. And Paulie’s a grandpa.

It’s been an incredible week and year for the dynasty Yankees, but it’s been a jarring one, too, for those of us who still believe it’s 1999 sometimes.