Yankees fans will hate Carlos Correa even more after weak sauce showboat


We’ve taken a break from the Houston Astros, and rightfully so. The New York Yankees have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

That heartbreaking Astros comeback that halted the Yankees’ sweep before the All-Star break won’t be forgotten, but fans should be done with the “F— Altuve” chants and anything else that relates to their hated American League rivals unless both teams happen to take the field.

OR if Astros players make headlines for doing cocky/dumb/embarrassing things. That’s all fair game.

On Wednesday night, that happened in Los Angeles when the Astros were taking on the Dodgers. Carlos Correa is the player in question.

With the Astros down 7-2 in the top of the eighth inning, fans were gifted with a Correa-Joe Kelly matchup. What we’ve all been waiting for after last year’s benches-clearing incident! Bring on the drama!

After striking out Altuve, though, Kelly gave up a MOONSHOT to Correa, who cut the Astros’ deficit to … four runs. And he thought it was a good time to showboat.

Yankees fans have even more of a reason to hate Carlos Correa.

How memorable. A solo home run off a guy you don’t like in a game you lost while 50,000 fans booed you. Frame it. Put it in Cooperstown. Unforgettable.

Are you really surprised, though? Correa’s been a Grade-A hardo ever since the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal was exposed. He famously told Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger to “shut the f— up” because Bellinger said he “lost respect” for the Astros. He responded to Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone calling his hitters “savages in the box” by announcing the Astros were the “apex predator.”

Oh, and we can’t forget about his rant during the 2020 playoffs … in which the Astros had by far the easiest path after facing the Twins and Athletics with no fans in the stands before reaching the ALCS.

"“I know a lot of people are mad. I know a lot of people don’t want to see us here. But what are they going to say now?,” Correa said in a postgame press conference shortly after the Astros finished off a sweep of the Minnesota Twins in the American League Wild Card series. “We’re a solid team. We played great baseball. We won a series on the road in Minnesota. So, what are they going to say now?”"

Well, the fans said something in 2021 when they finally got a crack at the Astros when capacity crowds were permitted back in the stands, and now the amount of boos and jeers has been deemed “excessive” for the 2017 World Series champs. Rough life.

Thank goodness Correa is brave enough to handle boos on the road after hitting a solo home run in a game his team lost. We’re really not sure how they’d be handling adversity without him.