Yankees: Astros catcher Martin Maldonado’s response to Aaron Judge was pathetic


Get your cheap laughs in, Houston Astros fans. You can use all of them before the All-Star break given how bad you’re playing at the moment.

The New York Yankees have already won the weekend series and are going for the sweep. They’re 4-1 against the Astros in 2021 and looking to go into the second half as hot as possible.

Once again, the Yankees jumped out on top thanks to an error and took a 1-0 lead in the top of the third, but the Astros punched back in the bottom half thanks to a solo homer from Martin Maldonado.

Yup, the Astros’ No. 9 hitter who is hitting .171. He has six homers on the year and two of them have come against the Bombers. That’s life for the 2021 Yankees.

After Maldonado tied up the game, he issued a response to Aaron Judge, who seemingly trolled Jose Altuve and the Astros after his go-ahead (and eventual game-winning) home run on Saturday.

Send all the “messages” you want, Astros fans/players. You’re not changing the narrative and you’re still the butt end of every joke. Sorry, but that’s life for the 2021 Astros.

When he was making his way home, Maldonado pulled his jersey down to “prove” he wasn’t wearing a buzzer.

Martin Maldonado’s “response” to Aaron Judge was … pathetic.

“Look! No buzzers on this fraction of my torso! How about that!” Got ’em! Surprised he wasn’t yelling “Open the letter!” or “Look at Judge’s 2017 splits!”

The Astros and their fans continuing to paint themselves as the victims after they were outed for cheating is one of the saddest developments Major League Baseball has seen. The whining on social media from their players (Alex Bregman claiming how there’s been a ton of “clickbait”) and fans (every Houston supporter claiming “all the other teams cheated too, though!”) is just exhausting. Give it a rest and take your boos.

What Astros fans need to realize is that fans and players who are enraged with the team’s overarching scandal don’t believe that was the sole reason they were able to win the 2017 World Series. The Astros were admittedly the best team in MLB. They’ve been for years!

It’s the fact they used a significant, illegal competitive advantage to gain that much of an edge with their already otherworldly roster.

But they’ll never understand. So keep the trolls coming and be sure to make fun of the Astros’ weak responses.