Yankees: Don La Greca eviscerates Aaron Boone in brutal ‘puppet’ rant


The New York Yankees are once again in a bad place, veering harshly towards the dirt just as it looked like they were briefly going to soar.

After making the wrong 50/50 decision over and over and over again in the fateful eighth inning on Sunday afternoon, then failing to play the infield in and basically conceding a loss, Aaron Boone is once again in the crosshairs of the fan base — though, again, if his elite relievers had simply done their jobs Thursday and Sunday, we wouldn’t be here.

We are, though. We are here.

On Monday, many turned to the voice of the Yankees, Michael Kay, to get an unfiltered take on his radio show, only to find his sidekick Don La Greca handling hosting duties. Luckily, no one would be disappointed by the Yanks-related vitriol they heard.

La Greca engaged in a wild rant linked here claiming, rightly so, that Aaron Boone is a puppet.

You want to fire the puppet? Release the master, too.

Don La Greca calls Yankees manager Aaron Boone “puppet” in powerful rant.

Though we wish the words had come out of Kay’s mouth instead just for the resulting uncomfortable intro to Tuesday’s broadcast, it still feels good to watch someone as unhinged as your average viewer take to the microphone and spill their guts about the poor preparation that’s taken place lately.

Blame “analytics” if you want to sound reductive. Why was the infield back when Kevin Plawecki hit a weak grounder to tie the game? Why was Jonathan Loaisiga used on back-to-back days just after his recovery from COVID-19? Why was Chad Green unavailable? Why was Brooks Kriske allowed out of the bullpen on Thursday night?

Boone has methodically obeyed the people above him who absolutely mandate no reliever pitch more than two days in a row, and who outright demand that certain position players be given an overload of rest (which, again, we have no proof is a viable strategy). Now, in what might be his final days, he’s choosing to protect his superiors once again instead of going down fighting.

Time for this puppet to be placed in a storage trunk.