Yankees’ main deadline targets appear to be trio of outfielders


Here’s the sad truth for the Yankees: if a team’s entire trade deadline ethos can be determined by a seven-game stretch prior to the deadline, then they probably aren’t buyers.

This Yankee team is a see-saw wrapped in an enigma-riding a roller coaster, and just when you’re out, they send their most random possible five-man unit to pull you back in.

Heading on the road to Houston? Well, surely they’ll lose that series … except Nestor Cortes Jr. and Tim Locastro delivered and the Bombers took two-of-three.

Playing the Red Sox at home after a COVID-induced roster shakeup? Somehow, they won the final two games thanks to Greg Allen, Ryan LaMarre, Rougned Odor and Jameson Taillon.

According to MLB insider Joel Sherman, the team is narrowing down its trade deadline pursuits, even as their on-field future remains murky.

Their focus? The two outfielders you’ve heard plenty about, and another you probably haven’t thought of.

Yankees Rumors: NYY attached to Starling Marte, Joey Gallo, Max Kepler

As Sherman writes, the desire is to buy. Of course it is. The on-field product tells them something different every few days, though.

So who are they targeting? Three outfielders, one of whom isn’t a lefty, and all of whom have varying price tags attached:

"The Yankees want to go for it. They are out hunting outfielders, preferably someone who can play center field, if perfect someone who bats left-handed. They have inquired about Miami’s Starling Marte (a righty hitter). They remain fascinated with Texas’ Joey Gallo. They have wondered about Minnesota’s Max Kepler."

First question: what does “wondering” about someone entail? Is this like when Adrian Wojnarowski can’t say “drafted” on NBA Draft night, so he comes up with magical synonyms? Have the Yankees done enough wondering about Max Kepler — who we like as a buy-low — to turn it into something tangible?

Marte recently turned down a three-year, $30 million extension with the Marlins, who could attempt to pull off an Aroldis Chapman-type trade by flipping him to a contender then upping their offer in the offseason. After all, he’s provided significant value there as a veteran leader, and seems to enjoy Miami, recent money quibbles aside.

For what it’s worth, he’s been the name most connected to the Yankees — including by FanSided’s own Robert Murray, who also sees Atlanta, Philadelphia, and the Houston Astros hopping into that market.

If the San Diego Padres add Joey Gallo in a massive overpay by plunging the depths of their farm system, the Yankees can probably live with that.

But if a middling Phillies team or the Astros hop the line for Marte, that should cause a stir in this part of the world, just as the Yanks prepare for another downhill trip on their personal nonsense coaster.

Hey, at least these are better trade targets than A-Rod’s.