Yankees: Gerrit Cole’s wife bodies JD Martinez over All-Star story


After several weeks of sticky stuff jokes and spiraling Yankees losses, it seems the entire Cole family has had enough of the narrative-spinning.

Following an All-Star Game in which he did not and could not pitch, but showed up anyway and represented the pinstripes like the mensch he is, Gerrit Cole and his wife Amy had to fend off a new bit of mic’d-up ridiculousness this week.

A 129-pitch shutout of the Houston Astros was enough to prove to the baseball world that her husband was fully “back” in high gear. A fanciful story from Red Sox DH JD Martinez seemed like enough to prove to the same folks that the Boston-New York rivalry was in full swing.

But was it true? Takes an eyewitness to know for sure.

First came the strategic leak from MLB’s All-Star content of Martinez telling fellow American League teammates about a stone-Cole snub on the bus to the stadium.

Brutal … but also very good.

Did Yankees All-Star Gerrit Cole snub JD Martinez? Well…

First off, are we supposed to be against this? If Martinez, a prominent member of the team Yankees players are supposed to eat, sleep and breathe hatred of, tries to exchange pleasantries, you actually aren’t legally required to be cool to him.

There’ve also been plenty of cheating allegations from years past surrounding the organization and its manager Alex Cora. Perhaps Cole knows something the general public doesn’t?

All that aside, though, we can temporarily end the debate about whether or not it’s good to be chummy with your on-field rivals. According to Amy Cole, Martinez made the whole thing up.

Cool story, bro. Also David Freese? Get outta here, bud.

So, to sum things up, Martinez invented an interaction that never happened — and, if it had happened, made Cole look cooler — then proceeded to face off with him on Saturday in the Bronx with a chance to steal bragging rights right back.

What happened? 0-3, three strikeouts.

Amy and Gerrit Cole are on a pedestal in terms of New York athlete coolness right about now. Both talk their smack, and both back it up. Don’t worry, though, JD. You’ve at least eclipsed the Coles’ baby Caden in terms of — what’s that? Oh, we regret to inform you the Coles’ baby is also much, much cooler than JD Martinez.

Better luck next time. Good luck in the second half. Don’t expect any eye contact on the next bus ride, either.