Yankees: Did Gio Urshela troll Bo Bichette with Thursday home run?


If Yankees third baseman Gio Urshela had more swag, his uniform would be dripping. Remember his casual laser to first after robbing Lourdes Gurriel Jr. of a would-be double on Thursday before he simply took a perch on the tarp?

We rest our case.

For all of his great traits, though, Urshela doesn’t talk much — about himself or others. The God typically lets his bat lead the discussions.

On Thursday, he may or may not have channeled a little bit of boasting into his lumber after a powerful two-run homer in the third, which put the Yankees up 3-0.

Urshela smashed a homer well out of the minor-league ballpark in Buffalo, then took a while to get trotting as the ball cleared the wall, which had some people thinking he was taking extra time to recreate a familiar pose from Yankee Killer Bo Bichette. Was he?

Short answer: Oh, man, we would really like to think the answer is yes.

Was Yankees 3B Gio Urshela trolling Bo Bichette Thursday night?

Urshela certainly took some extra time to admire this dinger, which makes a layperson ask…why? What was so special about it? Was it his most majestic homer ever? It was pretty, but it was no granny off James Karinchak.

Was it a particularly significant moment? Eh; the Yankees took a 3-0 lead on this smash and eventually blew it. They needed all the runs they could get for Michael King, and it took an extremely long time to pile on. As far as significance goes, probably a 5.5/10.

Any home run against the Blue Jays, Rays and Red Sox really matters, though, which takes us to the potential troll job. Too often this season, the Yankees have been punked by their division rivals, and Bichette, the 23-year-old infielder, has been among those who’ve gotten a bit too comfortable. Against the Yanks, he hits bombs and takes daddy hacks with no fear of retribution — after all, who’s afraid of the 2021 Yankees?

Urshela might have given Bichette a taste of his own medicine on Thursday by mocking his signature pimp-job pose from a few weeks back in the Bronx. At least, we’re crossing our fingers that was the intention.


Maybe it was just a regular “monkey off his back” moment for Urshela? “They can celebrate. Why can’t I?” type of thing?

We hope, though, that he had Bichette’s slow trot around the bases in mind when he made this decision — that dinger, also, came in a rare Jays loss in the Bronx this year. Not a proud moment in homer-pimping history.

Of course, later in Thursday’s game, Bichette trolled himself by attempting an absolute travesty of a swing in a clutch situation.

If you have young children, don’t let them watch this, especially if they’re allergic to try-hards.

Cool, man. Nice cut. Here’s a free medium soft drink.

The Blue Jays’ comeback was for naught on Thursday night, as was Bichette’s attempt to punch back.

For the first time in a long time, the Yankees got the last laugh.