Yankees sweep Blue Jays after momentum-turning Aaron Judge robbery


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: the 2021 New York Yankees have completed a sweep.

Actually, you’ve literally only heard it twice before: once at home against the Tigers, once against the White Sox.

For their next trick, the most consistently inconsistent team in the universe finished off a truly special road series in TorontoBuffalo, aka Yankee Stadium II with a spirited comeback in the late innings, their third in as many games.

Yes, the Blue Jays bullpen is bad. Horrific, even. But how many times this year have horrific dudes turned the tables on the Yankees and thrived? Too many times, folks.

This particular game would likely not have been a W if not for a bit of magical Aaron Judge defense immediately after the Jays rallied to take a 4-3 lead.

In what felt like another flop of a series finale, Cavan Biggio seemed to put the nail in the coffin by jumping all over a Chad Green fastball for a two-run homer…until, of course, Judge made a catch over the right field wall that only he could’ve made.

Yankees sweep Blue Jays on momentum of Aaron Judge robbery.

See, this is what good teams do. These are the kinds of sequences good teams get to participate in.

If you’re bad, the breaks go backwards. The brakes stall. But if you’re good, Judge’s special catch funnels directly into Giancarlo Stanton pummeling a signature line drive into the right-field porch to take a 5-4 lead, in front of mostly adoring fans.

If you’re good, your manager presses the right button, as Aaron Boone did with pinch-hitters in every single one of these wins: first Clint Frazier, then Gary Sánchez, then the wonderful Chris Gittens, who piled on a two-run single.

If you’re good, it doesn’t matter that Aroldis Chapman is unavailable (though he warmed up…) and that Gio Urshela jogged around the bases on a fake homer that was called back.

For three consecutive games, though, against a lineup that’s represented a harsh reality for the Yankees far too often already this season, this team did what it couldn’t approach doing at home in April and June. They punched back, back, back, gone.

Did this “turn the season around”? I’m as allergic to saying that as the Yankees are to sweeping. This team, time and again, has taken to momentum like a Bumble user swiping left on his mom.

But it feels better to sweep road series against one of the most fearsome lineups in baseball than it does to watch Randal Grichuk pick you apart and Bo Bichette swing out of his toes…successfully.

It’s way better when he flails around like an age-50 Jose Canseco while watching his bullpen blow a trio.