Yankees: 4 things we learned about Aaron Boone in pitiful Tigers series

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DETROIT, MI – MAY 30: First baseman Miguel Andujar #41 of the New York Yankees can’t catch a foul ball hit down the right field line by Jonathan Schoop of the Detroit Tigers as right fielder Aaron Judge #99 closes in during the eighth inning at Comerica Park on May 30, 2021, in Detroit, Michigan. The Tigers defeated the Yankees 6-2. (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /

3. Aaron Boone Doesn’t Value Consistency

Manager Boone doesn’t seem to see the importance of having players be consistently in the lineup and play in the same position on the field as much as possible. For example, when Clint Frazier struggled at the plate, Boone pulled him in and out of games.

All good hitters get into slumps. But to get back on track, they need to continue to play regularly and be inserted in the lineup continuously.

Miguel Andújar has worked hard on trying to recreate his outstanding offensive production in 2018. That year, he hit 27 home runs and had 92 RBI, and he raked a .297/328/.527 slash line with a .855 OPS. Miggy came in second for Rookie of the Year. He underwent shoulder surgery in May 2019 and was out for nearly the entire season.

Andujar has had challenges fielding third base throughout his time in the majors. Rather than finding a regular spot for him in 2021, Boone has had him play left field, third base, and first base, three very different positions requiring different defensive mindsets and skills.

While having versatile fielders on the roster is a plus, a ballplayer should first master at least one position before tackling a second and third spot on the field.

Shuttling Andujar between first, third, and the outfield has to be challenging and difficult for him. Trying to become comfortable at one (or more) position in the field and simultaneously trying to regain his excellent hitting approach is too much to ask of him.