Yankees: Erik Kratz accuses Rockies and recent WS team of cheating


Even though Erik Kratz is no longer an official member of the New York Yankees, he still appears to be on the attack in favor of the team, exposing more cheating across the league.

Though we don’t know the details of what the rest of MLB is up to, we’re pretty sure the Houston Astros — as objectionable as they are — were not the only ones trying something using cameras and other technologies.

And no, we’re not just talking about Alex Cora’s Boston Red Sox.

According to a bombshell interview with Kratz on Friday, the Colorado Rockies were a franchise he was willing to name that participated in a similarly-convoluted scheme to the one being run in Houston. There’s also a team that has been to the World Series “a lot recently” that has plenty going on behind the scenes, per the veteran catcher.

And he should know. After all, he’s been everywhere.

You thought Mike Fiers was a good snitch? Kratz has access to hundreds more teammates.

Ex-Yankees catcher Erik Kratz unveiled some wild cheating schemes.

Kratz’s description of the Rockies’ alleged cheating lays bare two things: it’s quite likely teams other than the Astros have attempted to steal signs in elaborate fashion, and it’s quite likely some of those teams were still very bad at baseball.

A television, a massage gun, and a loudly-thwanging metal bench certainly sounds just as stupid as the trash can banging scheme, so who are we to say which one isn’t real? We’re prone to believe anything.

As for the World Series participant? It could be the Boston Red Sox. Could be the San Francisco Giants.

Lots of folks are pointing fingers at the Los Angeles Dodgers, though, especially considering Kratz’s Brewers faced off with them in the 2018 NLCS. This also wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard them connected to something shady, either.

If Astros fans could get a conviction there, they’d leap at the chance.

In case we need to get on the record, we’re all for exposing any cheating across MLB, whether it be steroid-related, buzzer-centric, or involving a well-timed massage gun.

If it’s the Rockies? Then it’s the Rockies. We need to know, and we need to laugh very loudly that they were unable to succeed more.

If it’s the Dodgers, Giants or Red Sox? That could have more ramifications.