Yankees: Kevin Kiermaier trying to defend ridiculous play proves he’s insufferable


The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays won’t face off again until mid-May, but whenever the division rivals are in the news cycle, it’s best for Bombers fans to know what’s going on.

On Tuesday night in Tampa, the Rays hosted the Oakland Athletics in what was their second matchup of a four-game set. The Rays came out on top after dropping the series opener, but had they lost, this idiotic play by outfielder Kevin Kiermaier would have probably gone viral (if it already hasn’t).

For some odd reason, Kiermaier, who feels the need to tell the world he’s the best outfielder in the game whenever he finds the smallest of opportunities to do so (he did again on Tuesday night), decided to nearly cause an unnecessary collision in the outfield because he thinks he’s better than his teammate, Randy Arozarena.

Sure seems like a real good guy to play with, huh?

With a runner on third and one out, A’s first baseman Mitch Moreland hit a fly ball to left field — one that Arozarena hardly had to move for.

However, Kiermaier thought that him running 40 yards over from center field to jump over him, catch it, and attempt to throw the runner out at home was a better idea. Spoiler alert: he didn’t come close to getting the runner.

Yankees fans can’t stand Kevin Kiermaier for good reason.

Before we blast Kiermaier for being an absolute head case, forget about that aspect of it. He put Arozarena in danger and then cost his team a run. On what planet is this the right move? It never is. Even if you’re a three-time Gold Glover.

Ohhh, but not from Kiermaier’s perspective. Oh no. He’s very “aware” how all of this looked from “our perspective,” but you guys … you guys just don’t understand how talented he is. He’s just the absolute best.

795 words later, Kiermaier gave us his response. Why not just write the novella already, dude?

He was this passionate about preserving a tie in the sixth inning? Just imagine if he worked that hard to improve his career .250 batting average! And you can say you “trust” Arozarena to make the play five more times. You clearly don’t, and you didn’t in this exact moment.

Kiermaier’s had a lot to say about the Yankees, so it’s only fair we further magnified this to show everyone really how insufferable he is … because he still thinks this was the right move after watching the replay.