Yankees: Kevin Kiermaier’s comments about NYY beanballs are a stretch


Make no bones about it: Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier wants to legislate what the Yankees did this weekend right out of the game, as soon as he can figure out what it is.

Then you’ll all be in trouble.

In the latest chapter of the most boring portion of the AL East’s most intense rivalry, Jordan Montgomery let two pitches in three at-bats go against Austin Meadows, striking him in the upper back and the hand.

Kind of strange? Definitely. Intentional? Who knows, but unlikely, as Montgomery couldn’t buy command throughout Sunday’s poor performance. A continuation of last year’s beanball action? Simply … why would it be?

Don’t tell that to Kevin Cash, though, who thinks MLB should have tracked Masahiro Tanaka to Japan for coming in on Joey Wendle’s shoulder in one of 2020’s least memorable moments.

And don’t tell it to Kiermaier, either … or do? After his “inflammatory” postgame comments, it’s clear even the outfielder himself doesn’t really know what he’s mad at.

Kevin Kiermaier thinks the Yankees should stop their beanballs.

So … the Yankees didn’t throw at the Rays on purpose, but it was still wrong for them to … do it accidentally? Do I have that right?

Tampa Bay’s entire theory about this beanball war conveniently ignores Andrew Kittredge, the man who started the whole fiasco back in 2018 and wears their uniform. It also insinuates the Yankees have repeatedly approached must-win games with the sole goal of clogging the bases with unnecessary runners? Because that’s wise.

At what point will the Rays realize they’re currently winning this battle? They’ve got the World Series trip. They’ve got the mental edge. They’re not the ones who need to punch back.

Besides, if opposing teams were allowed to dictate how their rivals behaved, then the Yankees certainly would’ve told the Rays they probably shouldn’t give out rings for losing the World Series.

Which of these two actions is more of an affront to the game? I ask you.

It remains stunning that the Rays didn’t come up and in on a single Yankee on Sunday if this bothered them so much, especially since they employed Brent Honeywell Jr. as an opener, making him extremely eject-able.

Nope. They don’t care that much, and aren’t even positive what they’re mad at. But that won’t stop them from trying to be quotable!