Yankees: Gerrit Cole’s dominant start placed him among NYY legends


Even for the most ornery among us, Gerrit Cole has become nearly complaint proof for Yankees fans.

Two starts into the season, a particular breed of Bombers fan could cry about the one slider he hung to Teoscar Hernandez on Opening Day.

Beyond that, they could bleat about how he…should throw fewer pitches while striking out 13 Orioles? They could demand he hop in a time machine and remove Austin Meadows from last fall’s ALDS Game 5 lineup?

Beyond that, we’ve got nothing. Cole’s been that good, and his outing on Tuesday might’ve been the most beastly of his Yankees career.

Was it against the Baltimore Orioles? Sure. Are you referring to the first-place Orioles that just swept the Boston Red Sox?

You play the opponents that are dealt to you. And regardless of the men on the other side of the diamond, only five other Yankees have ever put up a start this dominant.

Did that Mike Mussina stat line immediately catch your eye, or are you an encyclopedia? Twice?!

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole hit another historic level on Tuesday.

And yes, we’re well aware who caught him in this game. No need to rehash that.

All told, Cole joined a sequence of phenomenal Yankees (and Candy Man Candelaria?) with four hits and 13 whiffs in seven remarkable innings.

At every turn, Cole had a new trick to pull out of his bag. He locked up Ryan Mountcastle with an otherwordly tight breaker to end the sixth. He finished the third inning with 101 gas right at the belt.

If the stuff didn’t get you, the stories of Cole’s father finally watching his son pitch at Yankee Stadium in front of a live audience, which the broadcast used liberally on this beautiful night, certainly did.

It’s worth remembering that pitching for the New York friggin’ Yankees was this particular ace’s childhood dream, and this is only the second time he’s gotten the chance to do so at home rocking the pinstripes…ever.

The first start? Extremely good, with some tough luck mixed in.

The second one? He finished it shaking hands with Ron Guidry. Not bad at all.