Yankees: Aaron Boone’s explanation of Clint Frazier issue is even stranger


Here’s the reality of Yankees baseball: there will always be injuries. What matters is when there are injuries, and how devastating the injuries actually are.

The answers to both of these burning questions regarding Clint Frazier’s absence from back to back games on Friday and Saturday appear to merit no scrutiny.

The timing? Who cares, there are 10 days left before the season even begins. The severity? Well, seems not severe, considering Frazier’s back on Sunday and playing the relatively unfamiliar position of right field.

Of course, there had to be a caveat, though, didn’t there? Namely, we have no idea what was wrong with Frazier and likely never will.

Aaron Boone tried to explain his starting left fielder’s absence on Sunday, and the generic reasoning he gave only opened up a wormhole for worried Yankees fans.

Honestly, at this point, we would’ve preferred silence.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone explained Clint Frazier’s injury and…huh?

We hate to even bring this up, but…remember when Frazier ran full-bore into that wall? And we admonished him for doing so, considering he gave himself a concussion that plagued him for two years when he ran into a wall in spring 2018? Then we forgot about it because Frazier continued bombing baseballs?

Not sure where Frazier’s sluggishness stems from, but it’s another reminder to be exceedingly careful in meaningless games.

First, we’re told Frazier is dealing with something “minor”. Then, it’s not an injury at all, but just a general sluggishness. Was Frazier sick? If so, why couldn’t we just have been told that yesterday?

To be fair, Frazier himself calmed down fans far better than Boone did with a simple two-word message Saturday night:


When it comes to evaluating injuries/issues/mysteries, remember the core pair of questions, Yankees fans.

Is the timing worrisome here? Not at all. Is the severity a problem? Naw. Couldn’t be less of a problem.

Was the explanation confusing, though? Next question. Not thinking about it.

We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again. Just get us to Opening Day without any more nonsense, strange stories or hiccups.