Yankees: What’s going on with Clint Frazier after latest update?


Here we go! The vague injury updates are back.

On March 16, Clint Frazier made some noise by going 3-for-3 with a 425-foot blast in yet another spring training win for the New York Yankees.

Then he went 0-for-1 with two walks against the Blue Jays on Wednesday. Then the team had Thursday off. Then he was out of the lineup on Friday.

On Saturday? You guessed it! He was out of the lineup again.

Why? Do we have answers? On the one hand, the Yankees should theoretically be giving all of their top players as many days off as possible because there are enough guys competing for a roster spot at this moment to keep the starters fresh and reduce injury risk ahead of Opening Day.

But that’s not what’s happening with Frazier. Apparently he’s “dealing with something minor” and should be back soon.

The mystery minor injury. Lovely! Could this be from when he crashed in to the outfield wall 10 days ago? Did something happen this week that flew under the radar?

What we can tell you is that we don’t like the “something” designation. Can’t we just know what it is? Every time the Yankees try to hide an injury it turns out to be something colossally worse than what we expect or what they initially state.

Haven’t they learned by now?

Hopefully Frazier has something to say about it!


Whew … for the moment.

The silver lining, however, is that Jay Bruce got the start in left field on Saturday night and showed the Yankees that he can still flash some leather out there. The veteran just keeps building his case for an Opening Day roster spot.

But back to Frazier. The last thing any Yankees fan wants to do is panic. But it’s certainly important to stay on top of the team’s injury updates/devoid-of-detail diagnoses because everyone’s far too fed up with those and how they’ve backfired countless times.

And with a guy like Frazier, who’s dealt with injuries and scary concussion issues in the past, it’s really something that should be disclosed. At this point, these kinds of revelations are much more nerve-wracking than getting all of the information about whatever happens to be going on.

For the sake of everyone, let’s hope this out-of-nowhere blurry bit of news on Frazier is a whole lot of nothing.