MLB insider proposes insane Yankees-Rockies Trevor Story trade


How about a totally unnecessary trade before Opening Day, New York Yankees fans?!

We’ve kept the Trevor Story chatter on the back burner in the event Gleyber Torres falters to start the 2021 season, but nobody wants that to happen. Nonetheless, such a trade could be there for the taking in the event something unsavory happens.

But before April 1? Just not gonna happen.

And for this package of players? How would this even work?!

MLB insider Jim Bowden gave his take on five trades he’d like to see before Opening Day in a fun article (subscription required) on The Athletic but we’re just not sure about this one.

He wants to see Story to the Yankees in a pretty big package that would see Gio Urshela going back to Colorado.

Jim Bowden’s hypothetical blockbuster trade between the Yankees and Rockies is wild.

So what would this mean? DJ LeMahieu shifts over to third and Gleyber moves back to second base? We’d venture to say The Machine wouldn’t be down for a full-time role at third after signing a six-year contract. And why would the Rockies trade the ace of their pitching staff, who’s under club control for quite some time, when they probably need pitching the most?

Oh yeah, and also their best reliever at the moment!

Deivi Garcia would be a huge piece for the Rox moving forward, but Jonathan Loaisiga and Miguel Andújar famously do not have defined roles (and Andújar is injured and doesn’t even have a roster spot!) on the Yankees.

While we’d love a lopsided deal in our favor, not only is this a horrific deal for the Rockies, but it also forces the Yankees to shift pieces around they simply do not need to.

If we have to revisit this if Torres’ scenario at shortstop comes crashing down in the first few months of the 2021 campaign, then so be it. But on what planet would this be considered by either team at this juncture in spring training?

The Yankees simply are not disrupting the status quo in this manner unless it’s absolutely necessary, and the Rockies are not parting with multiple foundational pieces for a return that has two surefire answers and two big question marks.

Let’s revisit this in July if we’re not in a good spot. We’ll leave it at that.