Yankees: New York Post’s latest Jonathan Loaisiga column is insane


We’re not sure who bet the New York Post they could gas up Yankees fans in the final weeks before Opening Day, but the paper of record is surely cashing in on that bet as we speak.

Instead of, say, analyzing the team and keeping expectations moderate, the Post has had a habit of overhyping lately.

To a truly destructive level for the players involved.

Known for such even-handed takes as “Jasson Dominguez ‘more advanced’ than Mike Trout,” the Post has taken things to another level recently, and the Jonathan Loaisiga analysis this week only further ensured that the pitcher will disappoint by eventually allowing an earned run.

Loaisiga has been burning the ball this spring, carving through opposing offenses without allowing any scoring through in 8.1 innings (seven strikeouts). It’s been deeply encouraging, and he’ll have to continue on this trajectory in a season where a stout performance could really help the Yankees’ entire bullpen construction.

The Post, though, wants you to think of him as Mariano Rivera.

Yeah, that’s not going to help anyone.

The Post is putting unreasonable expectations on the Yankees’ Jonathan Loaisiga.

This is especially a shame because Loaisiga does appear to be much-improved, and if he can be a Ramiro Mendoza-type glue guy in the Bronx, that’ll be more than enough to lengthen the team’s bullpen options.

The Post wants you to equate him to a Hall of Famer, though, and the most untouchable high-leverage relief ace in MLB history. Loaisiga struggled in both of his playoff appearances last season, and will already be attempting to shrug off that burden in ’21. He needs the Rivera comps like he needs a hole in the glove.

Has anyone ever heard his name in the same sentence as Rivera’s before? What about the pair is remotely comparable? Both righties?

But that’s not all!

Remember a few weeks ago when Domingo German was hanging at the fringes of the roster, potentially preparing to be released while withstanding a firestorm of his own creation? Well, after a few great spring starts, the post is trying to put Gerrit Cole’s ace status on notice.

Come on. What good does that do?

The Yankees are now more than a decade removed from their last World Series appearance and win. There will be immense and mounting pressure on them annually until they’re able to end their current drought.

The last thing they need is one of the city’s main newspapers setting insane comparisons, drawing wild conclusions, and completely changing the perception of the fringe members of the roster.