Yankees: NSFW Johnny Damon DUI arrest video goes off the rails


Fans of the New York Yankees, never fear! You can simply assign this Johnny Damon video to the Red Sox and move on.

It’s that easy. No harm done.

The man who once led a revolution while preferring to be called an “Idiot” was recently captured resisting arrest at a DUI stop alongside his wife, and he tried every trick in his bag to get out of facing repercussions.

Most of those tricks were, ahem, political in nature.

What starts out as a routine stop (or, um, as routine as a stop can be when the passenger and driver are clearly intoxicated) begins to cascade off the rails when Damon’s wife wanders out of the car despite protestations from the officer.

Damon moves around and attempts to reach her instead of listening to the cops, and the situation goes zero to “Blue Lives Matter” drop in only a few seconds flat.

Arrest footage of Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon surfaced this week.

It also didn’t take long for Damon to attempt to sway the cop by assuring him he was a Trump supporter, but … whether it was meant in a “brothers in arms” way or not, it quickly turned into a prime example of that famed “victim mentality” you’ll often see in the wild.

Damon believed himself to be unfairly targeted in this situation.

Not because of his fame or his driving exploits, though. No. Because of his political affiliation.

Al…alrighty, then.

Damon reportedly presented a BAC of between .294 and .300 — a fairly decent batting average by any metric, but regrettably well over the state limit of .08.

Perhaps there’s no time like the present to re-grow the beard? It might prevent Damon from being recognized in the aftermath of this video.

Hopefully, Damon lives and learns from this incident, but that might require watching the video, which seems like a painful experience.

It was only a few weeks ago when the 2009 World Champion was on a podcast waxing rhapsodic about the Yankees’ propensity to pack the lineup full of lefties and switch-hitters during that magical season, confusing the opposing pitcher with different looks while taking advantage of the short porch. And we totally agreed with him! Bring that Damon back, please. This was tough stuff.