Yankees: Zack Britton and Jameson Taillon have great reaction to MLB app snafu


The New York Yankees played a relatively ho-hum ballgame Sunday afternoon in Tampa against the Phillies.

Paced by a Brett Gardner grand slam (hey, that was cool!) and nothing else (oh), the Yanks won it 4-0, and other than one “rollover inning” in which a struggling Zack Wheeler simply … wandered off the mound, there weren’t any real spring training quirks involved.

Well, tell that to the MLB App.

Apparently, subtle rule changes like this “mercy rule”-esque decision to let Wheeler rest in the dugout and think about what he’d done came too late in the process for the league’s computer to have any idea what to do with them.

Righty Jameson Taillon, being a good teammate and all, noticed a freaky irregularity in MLB’s app that most fans might’ve missed (because it never happened) and sent it directly to the source.

That forced Zack Britton to comment on … well, the pinch-running appearance he apparently made on Sunday afternoon despite being nowhere near the field.


“Zack Britton, they placed you at third base for no reason and then you failed at the stated task immediately, getting tagged out despite no pressure being placed upon you. Care to comment?”

Tough situation for Britton for sure, who was forced to address what really sounds like a catastrophic mistake, one which he had nothing to do with.

Yankees teammate Jameson Taillon had some fun with Zack Britton.

Like a good teammate, Taillon was there to gas him up again in the aftermath, though.

The righty truly seems like an excellent friend, the kind of guy who’s got a compliment for every situation — even if it’s completely facetious. Nevertheless, he gassed Britton up for trying his best at third base after he was apparently plopped there “Roller Coaster Tycoon”-style by an invisible hand.

Practice both! Hear that, kiddos? Even if you’re a setup man, the MLB Overlords might decide you need to enter mid-game and steal a base. Gotta be ready. Head on a swivel.

The Yankees, in shutout victory, appear to be a more well-oiled machine than their bosses at this point. Not great for the league ahead of collective bargaining discussions.