Yankees mocking Didi for wearing hilariously wrong jersey is awesome


Just because you’ve officially left the New York Yankees doesn’t mean you’ve escaped from getting roasted in the group chat.

Sometimes, that “group chat” gets a chance to assemble in person on opposite sidelines during spring training, and that’s when the fun really starts.

Didi Gregorius and the Phillies high-tailed it over to Tampa on Sunday afternoon to take on Jordan Montgomery in the Yankees, and things looked a little different than we’re used to in his first look at Monty.

No, it wasn’t just the nasty Montgomery curve that seems to have leapt a level in the offseason, nor was it the nominal shock of seeing Gregorius’ smile in red…again.

Mostly, we were thrown off by Gregorius rocking the No. 95, only a few digits removed from his classic No. 18.

Don’t worry. He can explain. But it won’t help absolve him much.

Why were the Yankees making fun of Didi Gregorius on Sunday?

If you’re a veteran who forgot your jersey in Clearwater, you deserve a little bit of scorn.

Especially if the opposing roster is chock full of all your old friends. Kind of a tough break for Gregorius, but yeah, there was no way they were going to let that one go.

Gregorius showed up for his much-ballyhooed reunion with his squad wearing the type of number usually reserved for 27-year-old non-roster invitees named, like, Mack Tomahawk. The kind of people who roll up in the sixth inning and pinch-run while you’re grabbing Crab Fries.

Naturally, when given the chance to own him face-to-face, Miguel Andújar and Gleyber Torres — accompanied by Ronald Torreyes! — let Didi have it.

In his first year away from the Bombers, things went fairly well for Gregorius in a small sample size in Philadelphia. He rocked 10 home runs in just 60 games played, and though it didn’t result in a four- or five-year deal, he still secured multiple years of commitment, nabbing two more seasons in Philly at $14 million a piece.

Not bad at all, but with that kind of salary, it might behoove Gregorius to keep tabs on his own clothing.