Yankees reveal heartwarming team gesture to Aaron Boone after surgery


It’s supposed to be Aaron Boone’s job to help build organizational character and instill it within each and every member of the New York Yankees.

But without Boonie in the building, the remaining Yanks proved they’re doing just fine in that department this week.

The skipper shocked everyone outside the team’s facility on Wednesday when it was revealed that he’d be immediately undergoing surgery to insert a pacemaker into his heart, marking his second surgery on the muscle since 2009.

While Boone intends to be back in the dugout before too much time has passed, and could even return within 48 hours (though that sounds risky), the Yankees banded together in his absence to show him just how much he’s savagely loved.

With Brett Gardner serving as the messenger, the Yanks called a team meeting themselves to create and distribute a get-well video for Boone.

Knowing Boone, the video probably got him out of bed a little too quickly. Glad he’s got some orderlies around to knock a bit of sense into him.

According to those in the know, Boone’s very first act after emerging from the successful procedure was to pry into Wednesday night’s game.

Though his attempts to dissect the ins and outs of a 4-1 win were noble, it’s clear he can leave things to the players — along with bench coach Carlos Mendoza — for the next several days at least.

Brett Gardner and the Yankees sent Aaron Boone a team-created video.

On top of everything else, this serves as one more reminder that Gardner is the Yankee-est Yankee on the current roster. Need someone to represent the entire roster in a time of grave need? Gardy’s still your go-to.

This story makes it all the more impossible to imagine the 37-year-old in another uniform; much like Justin Turner in Los Angeles, he’s simply too ingrained in the culture.

Gardner addressed this all-important question on this week’s R2C2 podcast.

Hopefully, Boone takes as much time off his feet as he needs, and doesn’t cave to the internal pressure to rush back.

Gardner’s probably got enough light roasting material to last a lifetime for follow-up videos, anyway.