Yankees: Clint Frazier subtly trolls Brett Gardner in team photo


Perhaps the best thing about Brett Gardner’s reunion with the Yankees is that his friendly rivalry with Clint Frazier will continue for another season, at least.

And after that, we assume the Yanks will hire Gardy as a coach to keep the momentum going.

Either that, or Frazier will hire him as his personal assistant/shoe closet cataloguer.

Though Gardner will get “regular” playing time in 2021, Frazier is the de facto starter, giving him a bit more carte blanche to troll, tweak or jab at his current backup.

We noticed a subtle (not subtle?) jab at last year’s biggest Gardner-Frazier beef in No. 77’s freshly-minted official team photo.

Was this intentional? Based on the way Frazier operates and keeps his personality simmering below the surface at all times, you’d have to think so.

What’s the history of Brett Gardner and Clint Frazier’s Yankees turtleneck beef?

Ah, let’s take this all the way back to Sept. 2020, when the Yankees were playing out the string at Fenway Park and focusing more on bugs and attire than the pesky Red Sox.

The two teams played a strange Saturday night contest, featuring Frazier saving a dragonfly that was nestled between first and second base and taking to the field without his trademark ’90s turtleneck.

Frazier’s clearly a fan of the ’90s Yankees, as evidenced by many of his wardrobe choices. He even showed up with a 1996 Champs Newsday cover shirt at camp this past week. And whenever he rocks the undershirt, it always reminds fans of a certain age of Chuck Knoblauch, Scott Brosius and the ’98 Bombers.

So when Gardner cheekily swiped his outfit, it created waves in the locker room. Resounding waves of laughter, sure, but still.

Thanks to this beef, we’re going to think of Gardner and Frazier every time we see a Yankees turtleneck sweater in 2021. Sorry, but those are the facts.

And when Frazier’s the only Yankee wearing one in his official team photo? Yeah, it really feels like he’s sending a sarcastic message to Gardner: come and get it.