Yankees: Clint Frazier trolled Brett Gardner before amazing performance Saturday


Clint Frazier saved a bug in the middle of the Yankees’ win over the Red Sox on Saturday. There you go, little guy!

Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier can do everything on a baseball field these days — and his troll game is also superior off of it.

While Frazier rarely tweets, instead preferring to dominate while staying largely silent on social media, he’s proven he can unleash the good stuff when he does log into the old account.

Did you see Brett Gardner’s navy turtleneck in Saturday’s game? The kind the old-school Yankees often wore during their late-90s October battles? It was pretty spiffy.

Well, turns out it actually belonged to Frazier, who took a pregame shot at Gardner with a little bit of self-deprecating humor mixed in.

Clearly, the lack of neck warmth didn’t take away from Frazier’s rhythm — he went right back to work, pounding a home run to the opposite field in a 3-for-4 game, and raising his remarkable triple slash line to .306/.422/.595.

The red hot Frazier even took a brief break from demoralizing the Red Sox on Saturday night, and chose to instead save a life of one of the poor, unfortunate souls at Fenway.

No, not Cesar Puello. We’re talking about this little bug, who found himself in harm’s way hanging around the first base bag.

No matter! Frazier simply carried him away to safety before taking his lead.

You’re saving bugs, you’re letting bald men steal your turtleneck … I don’t know what the hell’s going on!

Frazier’s going so well, in fact, that he’s going to want to maintain all of these random instances for superstitious reasons. He’s going to be begging Gardner to swipe his stuff again. Please, take anything but the shoes! Oh, and take my bug out of the cage and drop it down the line, if you’re walking that way anyway?

The good vibes surrounding Frazier and the rest of this team right now have extended quite far.