Yankees: Clint Frazier’s new BP bat is positively electric


Attention, New York Yankees: please re-jigger your 2021 promo schedule.

This is not a drill.

Though the team surely has millions of undistributed bobble heads burning holes in the corners of their garage right now, the Yankees simply have to make room for a Bat Day giveaway of the new lumber Clint Frazier showed off on Thursday.

Because this? This is a starting left-fielder move in the “Let The Kids Play” universe.

Frazier professed on Thursday that he now knows he can be himself without necessarily being the “Tabasco hot sauce” version of himself, making constant noise in the clubhouse.

Counterpoint: this bat is at least a little bit of hot sauce, and it’s also awesome, so keep “being yourself” at this level or higher, No. 77.


I would never buy one of these featuring my own face at any price, but I would spend upwards of $200 to get one of Frazier’s face.

What does that say about me? Honestly not sure. But it’s the reflective shades that really cinches it for me.

The Yankees have to mass-market Clint Frazier in 2021.

If Frazier intends to use this during BP, that means A) it’s going to get dinged up with scuff marks and B) that implies he has an entire bushel of these to reuse. How many Frazier Face Bats do we think exist? And why am I now desperately searching for open positions at “Victus Sports”?

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the “new and improved” Frazier. He’s still the same guy with the same whip-quick bat speed as he was at the time of his first promotion, but the natural ebbs and flows of his career have made it clear he can “be himself” without trying to be himself so transparently.

Plus, never discount the impact of his post-concussive effects from 2018 spring training on his overall mood and comfort level that season and the next. The “new” Frazier is a lot like the old Frazier — except healthy and confident.

Frazier and Brett Gardner displayed a clear bond last season (remember the turtleneck sweater incident?), but also show a stark contrast each time the two are caught on the field together.

Gardner will always be the veteran grinder and Frazier will always be the brash splash of color, but both have a doggedness within them and both always strive to be better moving forward.

Just because Frazier’s the one with the face on his bat and the starter’s mentality doesn’t mean he’s ready to cede even an inch to his mentor.

The future’s so bright even his bat has to wear shades.