Yankees: Marcus Stroman’s weird answer proves he’s preoccupied with NYY


We like Marcus Stroman a lot. We actually wanted him on the Yankees when he became available in 2019 — and still do!

But clearly, the current Mets starter, on a one-year deal, has chosen a different path.

Instead of keeping the door open and refusing to speak on his potential free agent inclinations after the season, he’s instead chosen chaos, really leaning in to a new era of Mets fandom that seems like it’s going to be antagonistic.

In other words, Steve Cohen doesn’t really care about competing with the Yankees, but Stroman sure does.

The Stro Show answered a relatively innocent question this week and Trevor Bauer’d all over the microphone, instead using his opportunity to attack the “false media” for making him out to be some sort of…Yankee fan.

My stars!

Next question from SNY: “Hey, Marcus, can you tuck in your shirt a little bit? Your navy pinstripes are showing. Thanks. Oh, that’s…that’s a custom Yankees jersey you made that says, ‘Not a Fan’ on the back? Why…why did you use your money to do that?”

Yes, Stroman would really like you to know that the “New York” he comes from is predominantly blue and orange, and not navy and white, like the nasty so-called “fake” news “media” told you last year. Or the year before that. And that’s fine.

But something tells us he would’ve had a similar answer here, no matter what the prompt was.

Also, that “fake news media” was his…actual dad?

Stroman’s been awfully ready to chirp at the Yankees at the drop of a hat ever since Brian Cashman passed on his services and rumors emerged the team didn’t believe him to be a difference-maker.

You may remember the righty in Jared Carrabis’ (puke) mentions this past offseason claiming the Yanks didn’t possess a single non-Cole pitcher who was in his league. Even Domingo German showed up in the comments, making one of his few logical appearances on social media.

All of this is to say that we genuinely enjoy Stroman, both on the mound and in the clubhouse! He’s a truly introspective guy with an exceptional feel for pitching. We don’t want to be the villains in his narrative here.

But apparently we are. Apparently, he spends his nights ruminating about exactly how long the Yankees’ championship drought is, and about how only six members of his family own Yankees caps and that isn’t actually that many, when you think about it.

Maybe we’ll check in with the 29-year-old next year. But whether there are mutual free agent overtures or not, you know he’ll mention us.