Yankees: Domingo German’s latest social media activity has fans freaking out


Just hours after New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone talked about Domingo German‘s return after over a year being away from the team, we’re already asking questions.

German, who was suspended by Major League Baseball for an alleged domestic violence incident, has hardly done much to repair his image. Not too long after the controversy, he confused the world with a very bizarre picture of his brother (but it looked like German and he didn’t specify) before announcing his retirement and then rescinding that announcement.

Since then, it’s been all quiet on the Domingo front, except for the fact that fans are confused that the Yankees are relying on him to fill an all-important rotation spot.

Why? Can’t we find someone who’s pitched in the last 18 months who is free from serious baggage?

Guess not! Because now German is in the spotlight for the wrong reasons yet again after using his Instagram account without thinking first.

Now he has everyone wondering, again, if his baseball career is over, even though that may not be the context here.

Another Twitter user pointed out that German’s girlfriend’s name is Mara Vega, and the pitcher could be implying that their relationship is over. This is the same girlfriend he allegedly abused back in 2019.

However, nothing is clear at this point.

The “good news”? There’s now one post on his IG after he scrubbed the entire thing, and it’s his response to Boone mentioning that “now it’s on him to go out and resurrect his career and go out there and compete for a spot on this team” because “certainly nothing’s been promised.”

But doesn’t the right-hander know his actions are under a microscope and any post that’s not carefully thought out can be misconstrued? Since that’s already happened twice now? He must’ve had these discussions with his representation and the Yankees, right?

We hate to sound like snobs, but pitching for the New York Yankees is a privilege. German’s past actions already put him in jeopardy of losing his very prestigious job and he’s done nothing but continue to shroud that status in doubt. It’s not a good look, and we’re not sure how much longer the organization is willing to tolerate it.